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Fear of losing something always had her run away from that feeling. 

So why did it felt like the familiar feeling was back today? The more Lana paced around, the more frustrated she got. They were supposed to have the best summer this year, Zach was supposed to be good to her. But it was all going down faster and faster until she was afraid that everything would crash and burn.  

Four years down the rabbit hole just like that.

They were having fights every day for small reasons and when they weren't, he was avoiding her at all cost. Though last night had to be the huge one they ever had. He never brought Samara up in one of their arguments but yesterday he did, fully knowing the sting it would leave behind. Did he do that on purpose? Which was exactly why she was more scared to confront him today. She didn't know what was going with him anymore. He didn't tell her everything like he used to be. He lost his game a few times. He was ditching college to go somewhere and she didn't even know where. How was she going to help him if he didn't even felt her worthy of that?

"Did you pack everything?" Startled, Lana turned around to see her mom making something in the kitchen. When Lana didn't answer after a few minutes, Roth stopped doing what she was doing only to gesture Lana to come to her. 

When Lana reached the kitchen, Roth pointed at the stool for her to sit. Only once Lana was seated that finally, Roth opened her mouth. "What's going on with you, Lana?"

Lana fought hard to not let the wariness show as she shrugged. "It's Zach. I don't know what to do, mom." 

"Look, Lana, every relationship has its ups and downs. You were happy and then you weren't. It's completely normal." She stated but it still didn't occur to Lana just how much effort she really needed to take to work out this relationship. She even didn't hear a single, 'I love you,' from him in the last month.

"Mom, I want this to work. I really love him. I do. But if he doesn't take help or doesn't tell me anything then how I'm going to be with him?" Lana asked desperately. She didn't care at this point. Even his friends were trying to help him but something told her that he was distancing himself from everyone.

"You sure you truly love Zachary? Does he love you?" Roth suddenly asked making Lana frown. She never had a doubt that she loved him. Even when she had a little crush on him, she knew he wasn't the irresponsible kind. Heck, he even helped her go through Samara's sudden death. She was a wreck that time and if he needed an out, he would've left her a long ago.

"I'm sure mom. I never loved anyone that deep, the same goes for him." 

"Oh, that's good. Here's your breakfast. Why don't you finish it and try to call him again?" Roth sounded disappointed as Lana kept poking on her food. Her appetite was gone like him. She just hoped that...

His love wasn't gone too.


After Lana's class, she was waiting for Zach to finish his own. At high school, they used to share most classes but when they came to college they wanted different things hence they hardly had any class together. She nervously looked around again when she noticed the time. His class was supposed to end fifteen minutes ago. Did he miss today too? 


He had a game today and she was sure he wouldn't miss it. She really needed to talk to him. Hell, if he didn't want to be with her then she'd gladly leave him. His happiness meant more to her than he would ever know. If she just started to feel like a chore to him after years...she wanted to set him free on good terms. 

"Hey Lana, What are you doing here?" Someone called out forcing Lana to glance up. As soon as she saw who it was, she broke into a smile. It was their friends Barry and Luke. Barry gave her an easygoing smile just as Luke did, but his smile was a little tensed. It always was since Samara used to be his girlfriend once. 

"Hey, you two." She whispered when she felt the tension between them. Luke nodded where Barry sat down beside her with a question. 

"You waiting for someone?"

"I'm waiting for Zach. Do you know where he is?" She asked only to notice both of their expressions became grim. She knew something was wrong, didn't she?

"Zach didn't tell you?" Luke asked frowning and she shook her head. "That's strange."

She was quick to ask him. "What, why!?"

"He won't come to this game. He took his name off the list." Zach took his name off the list? The same reason he was in college now? What the hell?

"But he's the captain. He is here due to his sports scholarship." She tried to reason with them but they just gave her a sad expression in return.

"We know that. That's why we were surprised when you didn't know. He gave the captaincy to Barry last night." 

Barry's words only fuelled her sadness. He took such a big decision without telling her once. "Is he seeing someone else? If so you guys can tell me. I can handle the truth." 

"No way! He'll kill himself before he hurts you. Don't worry, Lana. Zach will come around. He isn't seeing someone. He was worried about something. I heard him constantly talking on the phone that he had to take a big step or something. I don't know what he was talking about but the guy loves you, OK?" 

She wasn't so sure about that anymore.


It was around the time they had to leave for the cabin and Zach still didn't show up. Now Lana was almost paranoid. The whole day. He disappeared for the whole day without any trace. She didn't know if she should be looking for him or give him some more time. 

Suddenly the bell rang, bringing her in the present. Maybe it was Zach. Maybe he didn't ditch her after all. With a worn-down smile, she ran off to open the door only to stop short on her feet. Slowly, she walked until she was in the hallway staring at the several people in officer's uniform talking to her mom. The smile washed off her face once she noticed how serious every one of them looked. What was going on? Was it because of Zach? Her heart stopped for a second thinking of the worse.

Just as she took a step forward, her gaze met Roth's. "Lana, baby, can you come here for a second?"

Confused, she walked until she was standing near the cops. But as soon as she was closed enough for them to grab her, they shoved her out of the house with the other cops walking behind her. Wide-eyed, she could only struggle for long before the scream left from her lips.

"Mom! Why are they taking me!?" Someone handcuffed her as her panic level increased. What was going on? Why were taking her? 

"Where the hell do you think you are taking me!?" She yelled at the police officer who shoved her in a car with a clam face before saying something that had her heart literally stop. 

"I'm sorry, Ms. Gill, but you are under arrest for murdering Mr. Zachary Henderson and the civilians near your cabin."


"You have the right to remain silent. If you do say anything, what you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult with a lawyer and have that lawyer present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you if you so desire." He kept going on but only one thing flashed through her mind as she slowly crumbled into the void of nothingness.

You are under arrest for murdering Mr. Zachary Henderson.


Whoo! A bonus chapter. Who have already read the first book they know how Zach died. So it was thrilled to write this chapter. Our dear Zach knew something...Curiosity killed the cat. But what do you think he knew? Let me know!

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