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"Happy Birthday!" Patton squealed as he launched himself into the twins. Deceit laughed as Remus tried to fix his white and green princely outfit. Patton just giggled as he stood there. "I can't believe you two are of age now. You grow up so fast!" Patton smiled as he took both the boys' hands. "I am proud of you both."

"Thank you, Patton." Remus lulled out as Roman's eyes darted about the place. They had set up a party for them in the ballroom of the school so everyone could join but...

"Are you looking for Virgil?" Roman's eyes darted to Patton, who smiled knowingly at the prince. "Don't worry, Roman. He said he was going to be here." Roman tensed remembering the last time Virgil was late but Patton just smiled away as if nothing was wrong. "He just had to get something is all."

"Oh... ok." Roman watched as they all went their ways. Deceit hung tight to Remus as the two mingled with the crowd. Patton hung out with Logan, Emile, and Remy, who all decided to congregate by the snack bar. It wasn't this huge party as one would expect from the princes of Auradon but there was a reason for that. Roman was adamant that they didn't get this huge ball they always seemed to do. He wanted something small... so that Virgil was comfortable.

Speaking of Virgil...

"Hey there, Princey." Roman spun around only to be met with quite the sight. Virgil stood there in a more formal-like attire like all the rest of the royals were. He had a soft lavender button up on, unbuttoned a little, with a black suit jacket that dark trim, and black pants. The darker royal smirked as Roman's eyes went wide. "Like what you see?" Roman smiled as he pulled Virgil in eyes shining with want.

"Of course." Virgil just laughed as he pulled away, shoving something into Romans's chest. He hardly had time to catch it. "What's this?"

"A birthday gift." Virgil laughed sadly as he fiddled with the sleeves of his jacket. "Don't worry, I didn't steal it." Virgil shook his head as he smiled up at Roman, who was slowly opening his gift. "Patton gave me a portion of the proceeds he got from the fundraiser since I did all the baking."

"And you got me a gift?" Virgil nodded as Roman finally finished opening it to find a necklace. It was a dragon wrapped up around a sword with a crown around both tying them together. Roman's eyes started to tear up as he stared at it. "Virgil... you shouldn't have."

"Of course I did." Virgil beamed as Roman took it out of the box and put it on. Roman felt his heart race as Virgil laughed. "It looks good on you."

"Thank you." Virgil nodded as Roman took his hand causing Virgil to meet his eyes. "I mean it, Virgil." Roman glanced around noticing everyone was either busy or distracted. "Why don't we go somewhere."

"But it's your birthday party..." Virgil scrunched his nose up a little in confusion as Roman started leading him out. "I don't know much about them but... should you stay?"

"It'll be ok. Besides Remus is here." Roman spun around catching Virgil off guard by just so happy Roman looked. "I want to be with you." Virgil nodded letting the prince pull him out of the ballroom.

Roman led him all the way to this spot at the back of the castle. Virgil froze in awe at the beauty of it. A dazzling cherry blossom tree sat in a bed of flowers overlooking the falls. He could feel the magic that surrounded the place. Roman smiled as he pulled him over to the tree.

"It's so beautiful" Roman's smiled grew even more as Virgil let his fingers brush against the bark. Blue flew around it sing joyously as he melted into the flowers. Roman was melting into the fond expression Virgil had. 

"So are you." Virgil froze up as Roman turned him so they could look at each other. Roman took Virgil's hands never breaking eye contact. "I know you don't believe it but... I love you."

"Rom..." Roman cut him off before he could say anything. He let his hand run through Virgil's hair with a soft loving smile.

"I love you, Virgil." Virgil watched with widening eyes as Roman leaned in closer. His hand dropping to Virgil's chin as his eyes shined. "I love you."

"Roman..." Virgil's breath hitched as their lips met. He couldn't stop the way his heart raced at his touch, or the way it nearly stopped at their kiss. Roman pulled away only enough to breath, but close enough for their noses to still touch.

"I am madly in love with you." Virgil's vision swam as this time, he pulled Roman in closing the distance till they kissed again. Shock filled both of them as they both melted into each other.  Virgil wrapped his arms around Roman's neck as the lighter royal slowly brought them down onto the grass and fallen petals. "I love you so much." Roman laughed as tears started to prick at his eyes. He loved Virgil so much. He just wanted to show him. He held Virgil close moving from his lips to his jawline as their hands intertwined together.

"Roman, I..." Roman could feel the way his love's breath nearly left him. He could feel the way it shook and shivered with even the slightest touch. Roman shifted his weight, tracing kisses down from the jawline to Virgil collar bone all while muttering 'I love you's. Cherry blossom petals fell steadily overtop them as the breeze shook the trees. Virgil's eyes slipped shut as he pulled Roman back up to his lips and smiled feeling his warm touch on him. That's when it hit him and he jumped up with shock. "Stop."

"Virgil?" Virgil pulled himself to his feet straightening himself out as he stared at Roman, who was clearly concerned. Virgil could see the tear streaks running down Roman's cheeks and his chest twinged in guilt. "Virgil, what's wrong?"

"You don't want this. You don't..." Roman's eyes went wide as he wiped his tears away quickly, pulling Virgil into a hug. "You don't want this."

"It's ok. Virgil's it's ok." Virgil shook under the guilt. He hated this. He wanted Roman. That's what he realized. He wanted Roman. He wanted him to hold him... to kiss him... to love him. He loved Roman. But he had forced Roman into this. It wasn't fair to him. It wasn't right. "I'm do wa..."

"I should go." Virgil pulled away leaving Roman there alone before he could even finish his sentence.  Roman just watched as Virgil watched away, disappearing down the path without looking back even once. 

Roman collapsed into the petals and frowned. He'll get Virgil to see. He didn't care how long it took. Virgil will believe him... 


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