Abused(Mindless Behavior Love Story)

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Hi my name is Kaliyah and I'm 23 years old.I have a 4 year daughter named Camilla. Yea,I was young and wild and caught in the moment. I don't regret my baby, she's the absolute best thing that happened to me. I'm 5'3. I am a model, a plus sized model because I am curvy. I an Honduran and White. I have jet black curly hair that stops at my waist. I live in a Condo in Los Angeles. I live with my abusive boyfriend Raquan.. He beats me from time to time. The first beating was when he found out I was pregnant for his bestfriend Jacob more known as Princeton. I do regret sleeping with him but he gave me the love of my life,Camilla. I bet your wondering why I'm still with Raquan but I love him and he loves me. At least I think he does. I hope my baby doesn't see when he hits me.. I would just. die. I have very few friends left. My absolute best friend Arianna and my 2 other friends Nicole and Layliah.

Wassup, my name is Raquan, Raquan Smith to you I'm 25 years old and I got a baby that ain't mine but I Still gotta love her cuz I think I love her mama. I'm only with her cuz she fine as hell.She been fine since 9th grade. I mite hit her wen she get outta line. I call it putting her in check. I hit her for the first time when I found out she was pregnant but not for me but 4 my fuck*** best friend Jacob. We Still cool he said she was just a Fu*k and duck. Smh. Well o guess that's enough.

Hi, my name is Camilla and I'm 4 years old and I have a mommy and 2 daddies. The kids at my school only have one daddy and everytime I ask mommy why I have 2 daddies she said she will tell me when I'm older. I have Really pretty green eyes like my mommy. I have dark brown curly hair like my daddy well the one I don't live with. I think his name is Jacob. I like him more than my other daddy. He hits my mommy but they Think I don't see... but I do.

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