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•Izuku Midoriya pov•
I hear a knock on the front door and my eyes light up. It must be Kacchan. I was sitting with my dad and got  up to open the door for him. I was all ready. I had my hair in a messy but cute bun and I wore a cute outfit..well now I had someone to impress so I had to do my best. I open the door and it was Kacchan. I smile and hug him. "Ready?" He asks and hugs me back and I nod.

"Alright Mom and dad I'll  be off, see you!" I say and mom smiles "Take care of her for me Katsuki" she says and Dad nods smiling. I shut the door  and we leave.

We decided that It'll  be best to take a bus and from there we will get a taxi and reach there. And that's  exactly what we did. We were finally infront of Momo's house and I turn on my phone camera to check my appearance just once and the gate open by a security guard. I knew Momo was rich  but holy heck- This damn rich??

My mouth was wide open "woowww" I say and spin and kacchan had his eyes on me and he gives me a smile. "You like it that much?" He asks and I smile "well I like it but not in the I want to live in it way but more like I feel lucky to see it way" I say and he chuckles and holds my hand and kissing me softly.

His kiss was so gentle I felt as if he thought I was a dream that would fade away once his lips would touch mine. I smile into the kiss and deepen it and pull away looking him in his eyes. My cheeks were burning and I snuggle to his side feeling a little cold. We start walking to Momo's house again  and ring the front door bell which Momo opens. everyone was already there except for Todoroki "Hey Guys!  I thought you weren't  coming too, Todoroki just texted saying he wouldn't  be able to make it" she says and I sigh shifting away from Kacchan out of guilt.

Dammit. I think and felt a reassuring,warm  squeeze on my hand. I smile and look up at Kacchan and nod. After a small chitchat with  everyone starts to decide what we should  start the sleep over with. "How about truth or dare?" Tsuyu says and Everyone nods "simpleee but straightforward" Jiro says and chuckles. We all sit in circle. "The person who doesn't  do the dare has to kiss the opposite gender"

Momo puts a bottle  in center "okay who will spin first?" She asks and Toru jumps slightly  "I WILL I WILL" I chuckle along with everyone else and she spins the bottle that lands on Kirishima. "Okay okay Kirishima truth or dare?" She asks and Kirishima thinks for a moment and gives a big grin "I'll  take dare" he says and Toru lets out a seemingly evil chuckle "I dareee you too hug me!" She says and I let out a chuckle. Gosh she's  so sweet and pure. Kirishima chuckles and hugs her tightly and let's  go after a few moments. "Okay I'll  spin the bottle" kirishima says.

He spins the bottle and it lands on Kaminari. "Kaminari bro truth or dare?" He asks "give me a truth" he says and smirk "who do you like?" Kirishima smirks and Kaminari throws his bed slightly "I mean..Midoriya is pretty sexy an-" He cuts himself seeing Kacchan's glare. He was sitting to the left with Kirishima. No I didn't look at him to see it. I could feel it. "I- I mean No one in particular ah-" he says and I snicker. "You are pretty handsome yourself Kamii" I say and wink at him smiling. I swear. Kaminari sits there nervously and I hear Kacchan growling  and I chuckle.

Kaminari spins the bottle while looking down and it lands on Uraraka. "Uraraka,uh truth or dare?" He asks. "I'll  take dare" she says and Kaminari chuckles "well then how about you, umm sit on Kirishima's lap for half of the game" Kirishima blushes "Kaminari bro what the hell bro-" "alrightt" Uraraka says chuckling and goes and sit on Kirishima's lap. And spins the bottle..not gonna lie Kirishima  didnt  seem the most comfortable. The bottle stops on me shit. "Yes! Deku truth or dare?" She asks and I chuckle "dare". "I daRe You to kiss Bakugo!" She says excitedly and the girls seemed very excited suddenly.

This is my time to mess with Kacchan. "Ugh Uraraka could you have chosen someone else?" I say and Kacchan raises his eyebrow and his eye starts to twitch from anger. Uraraka was confused. "WhaT do you mean Damn DekU? You are dYiNg to Kiss Me" Kacchan says and I chuckle.  "Kacchan please? What are you talking about? I'd  rather kiss Kaminari" I say and chuckle  feeling so bad for poor Kaminari  that looked both blessed and scared.

"Ugh fine Just because of this damn dare I'll  kiss him" I say and get up going up to Kacchan who seemed very much annoyed. I didn't  bothered to have any formalities.  A part of me believes that he doesn't  know what I am capable of doing.  And today I am gonna show him exactly what I can do.
He was sitting down and not looking at me. He's  ignoring adorable.

I sit down on his lap and girls suddenly start to cheer specially Uraraka "OI DE-" I cut him by kissing him deeply "mmm-" his words turn into pleasurable realization. All the guys were looking at us with wide eyes and I continued the kiss, playing with his hair and him holding  me as close as possible. It was continuous and intense almost like a war.

He finally stops by hugging me and panting. "Damn" I hear him grunt and I chuckle lightly and smirk. "A-are you guys dating?" Jiro asks, someone  who seemed the most normal  than everyone else who was freaking out. "Yup" I say and Kacchan keeps on grunting lowly. "Yea YEA she's  my damn girlfriend, ugh" he finally yells and I let out a chuckle.

"T-that could've  been me- me- liPS SOFT BU-" smack Tsuyu had slapped Mineta into silence. Oh thank God. "YEA NO YOU GRAPE FUCK,NO WAY DEKU WOULD EVER KISS FUCKING TRASH LIKE YOU" Kacchan yells holding me tightly  and I chuckle. "AND WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU SAYING ABOUT CHOOSING DUNCE FACE OVER ME DAMN DEKU?" He yells and I chuckle harder. "I AM GOING TO KILL THAT DAMN PIKACHU" He says and Kaminari shivers in fear. "I was teasing you my Kacchan" I say  and he grumbles under his breath before kissing  me again. And I kiss back and smile into it. And get up to get off of Kacchan but he pulls me back right on his lap and I pout. "You are so childish Kacchan" I mumble to him. "Shut up I am jealous let me be" he says and I chuckle at his honesty and kiss his cheek.

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