13 & Pregnant {1}

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"Hey mom can you drive me to school"I yelled from upstairs while checking my reflection in the mirror.

I was wearing a plain white v-neck t-shirt and purple skinny jeans and my white and purple converses.

"Okay darling"my mum yelled from the kitchen.

I ran downstairs throwing my skull candy backpack over my shoulders.

"Wait in the car brook"my mum said washing the flour off her hands.

I ran to the car and noticed a moving van next door.

"Look mom we got a new neighbor"I said pointing towards the moving van.

"Oooo how good i'll bake them something"she said all happy and hopping into the car and so did I.

My mum was stunningly beautiful.She had caramel skin,an hour glass figure which i was so surprised she maintained after having 2 kids.She had dark shoulder length hair and brown eyes that I always envied.

"Thanks mom"I said kissing her cheek and jumping out of the car and walking inside the hell hole called school.I did good in school but I wasn't a school person.

I always preferred staying home and checking out the latest songs and video games.Don't think I'm a nerd though,I have a lot of friends and I've never been bullied or teased.

"Hey brook"My friends said,they were all hanging around my locker.

"Sup guys"I said then i noticed they were all looking at something behind me.I turned around to be greeted by an angel.

"O my God"My friend Victoria said.

"His coming this way"Lillian screeched and i turned towards my four friends with a glint of amusement in my eyes.

I turned around and noticed he was walking towards me.Why me?

"Hey ermm i need help"He said looking nervous and shy at the same time and it looked so cute.

"Let me ermm see your schedule"I said stuttering.

I checked out his schedule and noticed we have all the same classes.

"We have all the same classes so just follow me"I said,"Thats great"he said smiling.

We walked away together and I heard the girls whistle and I just rolled my eyes smiling.

"So where do you live?"I asked trying to make conversation.

"Riverside drive"he replied looking at me briefly."Ooooo your my new neighbor"I said with happiness laced around my voice."Thats gonna be cool,i'll have someone to disturb when im bored"he said laughing.

"We'll see about that"I replied laughing.

"Okay so were here"I said and we walked into chemistry class.I took a seat right at the back of the class and surprisingly the boy who's name I still don't know sat next to me.

"You could sit infront you know,I only sit here to use my phone during class"I said smiling.

"Im not really the person u'll find at the front of the class"He whispered just as the teacher walked in.

"Whats your name?"I whispered just enough for him to hear.

"Ryan"He said quietly so that the teacher wouldn't hear.

After class Ryan and I walked to our next class which was math and we were actually getting along well.

"Brooklyn"My math teacher said.

"Yes mam"i said snapping out of my thoughts and looking towards her.

"What is the answer to this question"she asked with hands on her hips.

I looked towards the blackboard and saw the equation 2x + 5x.

"7x"I said continuing to look out the window and drowning out in my thoughts again."Very good"my teacher said turning back to the blackboard to continue teaching.

"I didn't know I had a smarty pants as a friend"Ryan whispered chuckling."Well now you know"i said chuckling and looking away and I could tell he was staring at me.This was a start of something interesting.


"Brook hold up"I heard someone yell from behind me.I turned around to see a panting Ryan.

"Can..I...walk...home...with...you"he said through pants.

"Sure"I said genuinely.

We walked all the way to my house just getting to know each other better.

"So this is your house"I said as we stopped infront of the gorgeous house.

"Yeah"He said shyly."So i'll call you"He said smiling and walking in.

As I walked across the street all I could think about was him.I think I might like him.


Heyyyyyy wassup people.This is the start of a long journey sorry the chapi's short i'll try and make em abit longer.Check out my other book JOURNEY OF LOVE


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