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Camila slowly opened her eyes, wanting to see her girlfriend's beautiful face when she woke up on this special day. She did see Lauren, but the green eyed girl is already getting ready to leave.

"Good morning, Laur" She greeted her, which made Lauren turn around and their eyes met.

Lauren smiled. She got up and kissed Camila's cheek. "Good morning, Camz. Did you sleep well?"

"Of course." She responded. She got up and Lauren continued getting ready which made Camila frown. "In a hurry, babe?"

Lauren nodded. "Yeah. I have to meet Brad today. We--"

Lauren was cut off by Camila's angry voice.

"Brad? Again?"

Camila was mad. Yes, it's been a while since she became jealous with that guy. But right now, she's mad too.

And hurt. She just won't say it out loud.

Lauren was surprised. This was the first time Camila sounded angry.

"Yes? Is there a problem, Camila?" She answered, looking really confused.

Camila looked at her, not believing what she's hearing right now.

"Seriously, Lauren? Today is our fucking anniversary. You didn't even realized that, did you? Seriously please tell me what the fuck are you even doing right now."

Lauren was confused. She looked at Camila's eyes and all she can see is anger and jealousy. And for the first time she felt uncomfortable with the look Camila is giving her.

"What do you mean what am I doing? Camz why are you being so ma--"

"FUCK! Are you really being serious right now, Lauren? Since the day after I got here from New York all you did was go out with that guy 24/7. Whenever I text you and ask you to hang out with me you keep saying that you can't because you're with him. Whenever I call you at night wanting to hear your voice even just for the end of the day all we talk about is him and that stupid fucking stuffed frog that he gave you. Every night, you keep going out with him and getting wasted and shit and worse, you even keep lying to your parents and using my name so that you can go out at night and spend time with him. And now you're asking me why am I being so mad? I am fucking jealous, Lauren. I am your fucking girlfriend. Did you even realize that? Did it ever occur to you that I am already fucking leaving again in 2 days? Did it ever crossed your mind that today is our 11th fucking anniversary?"

Camila was mad. But she was also crying. And hurt. It hurts her to see Lauren getting more and more distant from her every passing day, wanting to spend all of her time with some guy instead of her, her girlfriend.

"Have you already forgotten, Lauren? That I am your girlfriend?" Camila continued to cry and Lauren was just silent, with an unreadable expression in her face. "We were fucking happy for the past decade. How come it has gotten like this?"

Camila sat on her bed, tears still streaming down her face. It fucking hurts and she just has to let it out. She just has to let Lauren know how she feels.

"Do you really have to keep making me feel like I don't matter? What the hell did I even do, Lauren? What the hell did I do wrong?!" Camila asked, still not getting a single word from Lauren.

Lauren looked at her beautiful brown eyes, remembering the first time she saw them. Only without tears, and happiness present instead of pain.

"I didn't know it was serious before, Camz. I thought it was only the result of the innocence of two five year old kids who doesn't even know what a girlfriend is but want to try things out. I never thought that those anniversaries for the past decade are real. I thought we just got used to it, but I never thought it was something so real for you. I--" Lauren paused, trying to find the right words "I thought that's what you thought too."


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