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"Why?" Luke asked slowly.

"He wasn't as big at that school, at this one he has a girlfriend, he tells me that I can leave him, he didn't even address me yet-" "Aubrey" Luke laughed lightly.

"This is not funny." I declared.

"I know" he spoke, a smile never leaving his face as he turned to me.

"But Aubrey, he's going to grow up regardless of the school he attends-" "well he grew up awful suddenly" I spoke quickly.

"You're both going through big changes right now." Luke spoke slowly.

"There's a lot of hormones, a lot of different emotions, a lot of misunderstandings" he nodded lightly.

"But I promise you, with every bone in my body, he will adjust and come running right back to his big sister" he assured me quietly.

"You'll always be his number one." He nodded with a smile.

With that, we got out.

It was nice to have that connection with Luke- I had spent a lot of time getting scolded and feeling intimidated around Him, but it was nice to feel him assure me of something.

We went inside, seeing Ashton reading through papers with Nick.

Something I normally would've done- but I accepted that.

I went behind Nick, pulling him into a hug, feeling him turn, seeing me.

Instead of turning around like I thought he would to hug me, he gave me the smallest pat on my arm, lightly shrugging me off.


He is five years old

How far am I going to let him push my emotions today?

Ashton and I made eye contact as I let go of him, clearing my throat lightly.

"Come see me when you get bored" I mumbled lightly to Nick, seeing him nod before I left, going into my room.

Everything was so fucking different.

I hated it so fucking much.

I shut the door, grabbing a pillow and laying face down on my floor.

It felt like the best option.

I heard my door open and shut quickly, I looked up- seeing Nick

I immediately got up

"Hey bubba" I smiled, pulling him into a real hug, which he accepted.

"Ashton told me to come talk to you for a little bit"

I felt my heart break right there.

"You didn't want to?" I mumbled to him.

He shrugged lightly
"I was coloring-" "you're kind of hurting my feelings, Nick" I mumbled to him.

His eyebrows went together as he looked to me, I know he didn't understand, but I was hoping he would at least act like he loved me.

"How?" He almost whispered.

I thought about what Luke told me

And I trusted him

We were both just going through change, he would come back to me in days.

"Never mind bubba, you don't have to stay with me, you can go color" I dismissed.

"Thank you" he spoke, turning quickly before leaving.

I went back to my face down position, feeling my chest tightening.

What I'd do to go back to sleeping in that cold ass, worn down house

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