Chapter 6

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I've now had Otis for 2 months. Weighing almost at 45 lbs at just 4 months old, he was going to be one big ass dog. The day I introduced Otis to my family they all fell head over heels in love with him... except my father. His eye just twitched alittle. I thought he was going to have a stroke, but later that day, I caught them sleeping on the couch together.

My father did have the bright idea of cropping Otis' ears behind my back while he sent me away on a mission. I had been very clear that it wasn't a necessary process, but he wanted a mean looking dog. I shot him in his right shoulder once I came back from my mission. He forgets Otis isn't our family dog, he's mine.

I had started training Otis with simple commands, hoping by the time he's a year old I'll be able to start taking him with me on missions. I feel bad when I have to travel and I have to either leave him at home or in the hotel, he's such a velcro dog that he'll literally just stare at the door until I come home. I have watched him do this multiple times through the cameras I set up in the hotel rooms to make sure he's okay while I'm gone.

I'm currently preparing to leave on a mission tonight, Otis staring at me intensely as I move around the room, making sure I've packed everything we'd need.

"Am I missing anything, Otis?"

Otis just cocks his head to the side, before going to his huge dog bed that he literally never uses to grab his favorite toy, a stuffed frog that doesn't even squeak anymore before dropping it at my feet and giving me a bark.

I chuckle. "You're such a smart boy!" Obviously using my baby voice.

I pick up the toy frog and toss it into his duffle bag. Picking it up along with mine before heading out to the living room to say goodbye, Otis never leaving my side.

"Cattleya, are you ready? The car's been waiting out front for 20 minutes."

I roll my eyes. "You literally told me about the mission 20 minutes ago, how has the car been waiting that long?"

"Honey, be safe and take care of our Otis boy." My mother like always breaking all the tension. Bringing me into a tight hug before kneeling down to give Otis a kiss on the nose. "Take care of your momma, okay, Otis?"

"Where's Luca?" I asked looking around, but not seeing him around.

"He went out, he probably won't be back soon... but I'll let him know you said goodbye."

I give her a weak smile. Between preperations to take over, missions and Otis, I hadn't had much time to spend with Luca and I felt so guilty about it.

I give my dad a quick kiss on the cheek before walking out to the car. Rodriguez is already waiting by my custom black Mercedes SUV. I had the back completely decked out for Otis. Metal bars along the inside providing extra protection in case of a car accident and the windows of course are bullet proof just like the rest of the windows in the SUV. Otis jumps right in and lays down on the bed I have in there for him before I close the door and make my way to the passenger side, taking Rodriguez's hand to help me in. Tossing the duffle bags in the back seat.

I chuckle to myself. I obviously don't need help getting into the SUV, it's just a habit I had gotten into because it was something my mother always did. I just find it silly that I can literally take down a group of men using no weapons at all but have to have someone hold my hand to get into a car.

In seconds, Rodriguez is in the SUV and driving towards of private landing strip. It's a silent ride there, making it feel like an even longer ride than usual. After after 20 minutes, we're parked infront of the jet that's ready and running. Rodriguez grabs our bags from the back seat while I get Otis out.

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