wine drunk//g.d

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(y/n pov)

"Look!" Grayson said, one arm slung over you as you helped his towards the car. You smiled as he pulled up his stomach. "I gotta baby too, babe," He said. You laughed, shaking your head.

He patted his little tummy, something he'd acquired from eating just a bit too much and a little bit of wine. He frowned at it, pulling it down immediately, feeling a little insecure. You smiled and kissed him on the head, making him look up at you.

No matter how balanced of a diet Grayson ate, or how much he worked out, Gray always got this little tummy when he ate too much. And as insecure as he got about it, you thought it was, "Adorable," You said as you reached into his pocket for his keys.

"No, I'm driving, can't have my wife driving pregnant!" He exclaimed, reaching for the keys, stumbling forward. You laughed, holding him, and the 9-month-old baby in your stomach up. "Y/N!" He said as you opened the passenger seat for him.

"You're wine drunk, baby," You told him. He rolled his eyes as you pushed him into the seat. "Gray, in the seat, please," You said, trying to nudge him in, your bump making it hard.

"Let's how you drive with my princess in there, yeah, we'll see," He said, as he leaned back into the seat. You shook your head smiling as you shut the door, waddling over to the driver's seat, pushing the seat back so both you and the baby could fit.

"Looks like I'm doing it, huh?" You asked starting the car. Grayson didn't respond as you began driving, making you laugh.

You were making your way home from Kyle's party, you pregnant, about to give birth any day now, and Grayson, well, drunk for the first time. "Y/N?" You heard after a while. You nodded.

"Yeah?" You asked when he didn't say anything.

"I'm your baby daddy," He said. You laughed, shaking your head. "Yeah?" He asked, turning to face you, now halfway down the seat. You wondered how is legs weren't all cramped up yet.

"Yes baby," You said, parking the car. "I guess you are."


You pulled the almost two-year-old out of her car seat and set her on the ground, watching her run to her daddy as you closed the door shut. Grayson smiled at her as he pulled the cake from the seat next to her. She raised her arms up to him and he shook his head.

"Daddy!" She called, waiting for him to lift her up. Grayson shook his head as he walked past her, cake in his arms. "Daddy?" She asked him as he tossed you the car keys as he made his way towards Kyle's front door. You smiled, picking her up as she whined.

"Daddy has to carry the cake, see?" You asked Gabi as you locked the car, following behind Gray as he knocked. Gabi frowned at you and you smiled, kissing her cheek, fixing her tank top.

"I'll carry you soon, princess, one sec," He said as Nova opened the door to them. Gabi squealed at the sight of the cameraman's wife, reaching over to her. Grayson gave her a quick hug and walked past her and into the house. You passed Gabriella over to her as you followed Gray in, looking for Ethan.

"Hey Ells," She said, locking the door behind her smiling as you set her bag on the floor.

"What are you supposed to say, Gabi?" You asked, pointing to Nova. She looked up at her and patted his her, making her laugh. "Gabi," You edged. She giggled.

"Buh-day!" She yelled. "Kyle buh-day!" She said to her. Nova laughed as Grayson reached out for Gabi. He took his daughter back and she giggled.

"Well, you're not supposed to say it to her," You said, giving your friend a hug. She smiled as you pulled away, checking the cake you'd made, making sure it hadn't squished during the car ride. "Where're the kids?" You asked.

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