Chapter 1

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"KAI GET UP" i screamed while i hit my brother with my pillow.
"five more minutes mom" kai said sleepily.
"oh my GOD KAI WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE" i yelled, at this point i was basically pulling him off the bed.
My mom stomped into our room,
"KAI WONT GET OUT OF BED" i yelled back
"finally" i said relieved

I headed toward the living room to put on my shoes, today was the first day of school and i wasn't really a dress to impress kind of person so i threw on a maroon colored shirt put on some black jeans and wore my checkered vans. While i was there peacefully on my phone scrolling through insta gram waiting for my twin brother Kai to finish getting ready for school he was frantically running around brushing his teeth putting on his clothes and trying to find some breakfast all at the same time. I mean i couldn't help but laugh him.

"hey Kai you might want to slow down buddy"
"I mean i tried waking you up but noo you wanted to stay asleep and day dream about your crush"
"whatever you say" i said with a grin on my face

2 minutes later Kai dashed into the living room area with his shoes in one hand and his backpack in another hand and his granola bar crumbling out of his mouth as he was still trying to eat it.

"want some help?" i said as i laughed at him.
"please and thank you" Kai said exhaustedly.
"put your shoes on i'll head out to the car"

i grabbed his back pack and my backpack went into mom and dads room said i was leaving for school and grabbed the keys and headed out to my car.
I waited for Kai in the car and a few seconds later I saw him tiredly walking around the corner to the car, he got in and exhaled sharply as he put on his seatbelt.
i tossed him his backpack and i started the car

"do you think we'll have any classes together this year?" Asked Kai
" i hope not" i said jokingly
"asshole" he said back
i headed out of the apartments parking lot and started driving toward the school.
about 10 minutes later we finally arrived at the school.
"11th grade here we come" i said
"This shouldn't be that bad" said Kai

we both walked together toward the school and as soon as we walked into the area where all the high schoolers wait until it's time for class. It seemed like nothing changed, everyone was the same which made me feel a lot better for some reason. It was the same old group of friends sitting together, the same old couples making out against the wall, the same old jocks laughing at someone who some how spilled milk over their shirt, the same old nerds flexing their academic scores , the same old anime geeks obsessing over some character in their favorite anime, and of course it was my same old group of friends.

Kai ran over to his group of friends, and my group of friends were waiting for me at the first table where we always waited for each other in the morning.

I walked up to them and they all seemed happy which i expected :)
"oh what's up Lia!?" Said Nate as he gave me a hug, and no he's not my bf. Nate Sanchez is mainly one of the jock boys but he isn't as annoying and obnoxious as the other jocks , he's actually really nice which is rare. Nate is hispanic, he has wavy hair and dark brown eyes

"LIAA" said Layla very excitedly. Layla Rodriguez didn't really fit in with a group she was a mix of every group in some sort of way, Layla is mixed with i don't know what, she has straight hair down to her shoulders, super blue eyes, and thick eyebrows

"yoo Liaaa!" said Evan as he greeted me with a secret handshake. Evan Romano is one of the Playboys but he's not as bad as you expect,
i don't even know how he fits into our squad but he does. He is Italian, has green eyes, freckles, and ear length dirty blond hair.

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