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The girl sings without fear of the dead. She can be free here, in the Dreamland. She sits at a piano and sings the boy's soul path song. She calls out to his soul and sings of all his years' worth of living. The words come freely, just like the notes on the piano and she is smiling, because she enjoys playing his song more than her own. Sitting on a chair in front of her is the boy. He sits quietly, amazed by her abilities. Though he cannot see her because the piano is shielding her face, he recognizes her voice in a heartbeat.

"There is a boy, connected to you, his eyes are of the purest blue. You must now sing his song for him, and let him know the truth," it starts off. This is what she must chant before she sings his song. Dreamland notes that they are bound to each other and so she is bound to say this before playing his song.

The song has no lyrics; it is purely piano intermingled with the hum of her voice. It's the sound you'd think electricity should make, a strange but beautiful hum. It starts off quite sad and doesn't really get any happier. But to the boy, it's beautiful just the same, because it calls out to him. The melodic harmony of his soul's path laid out right in front of him. He notices that it gets longer every day, and he suspects that it must have something to do with how much time he has lived. Each day is a new part of the song.

What he suspects is right.

In the Dreamland, many things are possible and you can stay there for great periods of time. But you must always wake up eventually. 

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