Chapter 17: All Figured Out

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Linh, Keefe, and Tam burst through the hallway door to the sight of Biana and Dex, bodies against Magnate Leto's door, straining to listen.

Keefe tutted. "Eavesdropping. I thought you were better than this." Then he proceeded to stick his ear against the door.

Linh and Tam held back. "What's going on?"

Biana pulled away. "I don't think we know any more than you do. They're talking too quiet to hear."

"What happened?" Dex asked the three.

"Sophie and Fitz went to see Gisela, and halfway through, they came back, telling us they needed to see Mr. Forkle. That's about all we know," Tam summed up.

Linh bit her lip. "They were in a rush," she remembered, worry laced through her words.

Keefe scoffed. "Stupid mom," he muttered. "What did she tell them?"

The door opened on Keefe. He stumbled, righting himself.

"She didn't tell us anything," Fitz answered.

"You know what I mean."

The group turned to Leto in hopes of an answer.

But his imparter rang, and with much reluctance, he excused himself.

Sophie sat in a nearby chair. "Well..." She looked up at her friends. "I guess you guys deserve to know, just as much as I do."

Keefe, Linh, Tam, Biana, and Dex all took a seat in front of her on the floor, as if she were the teacher and they were students.

Sophie smiled a little. "I know who my parents are," she said weakly.

Biana and Dex looked at the floor, expecting it, but Keefe and the twins flinched.

"You do?"

"Yeah." Sophie took a deep breath. "I don't know what I expected. I guess...I guess I thought things would change, if I knew, you know? Maybe I'd get to be a little more normal."

Before anyone could interrupt, she rambled on. "But it's okay," she held up her hands and struggled to find words. "Because now that I know..."

The elves leaned forward.

"I don't really care."

Fitz looked at Sophie with such adoration, the rest of the group was now dying to hear.

Sophie laughed a little. "I think I should show you."

When each person had seen the memory, the hallway went silent.

"Yeah, so basically––as far as I can tell––I was taken from an elf couple and transferred to a human one, after some serious interference on the Black Swan's part."

Sophie ran her fingers through her blonde hair. "I...well, it makes a lot more sense, now that I know. Jolie is––was––my mom." Sophie seemed surprised at her own words. "And Brant," she shuddered a bit. "Was my dad."

Biana gasped audibly. Keefe furrowed his brows, Tam's face was devoid of emotion, and Dex's eyes were wide.

Linh sucked in a breath. " do you feel about this?" she asked Sophie.

Sophie thought for a moment, taking in the reaction of each of her friends. "Honestly? It doesn't change a thing. Before we knew, now––I'm the same person. If I'm related to Brant, then so be it." She snuck a glance at Fitz. "I'm finally coming to terms with who I am, thanks to all of you. I'm different, that's okay. My motives, my feelings, my real family––they're still the same."

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