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This is a shoutout to anyone who feels alone. You're not.


My heart is like a leaf
falling in the breeze
Cracking on the ground
Breaking like me


Tears fall
Lives fall
There's nothing you can do about it


ahem, guys, I told you this wasn't just going to be poetry right? well it isn't. Here's songs/peoples u should listen when depressed.

1. Adele.

2.  Say Something~ A great Big World

3. Say You Won't Let Go~ James Arthur

4. Twenty-One Pilots(DEPRESSING!)

5. Rockabye~ ft. Anne-Marie and Sean Paul 


Ahem, I kind of wrote a song about Kakashi. It's horrible, I wrote it a looong time ago, and probably no one gets it, but here, whatever.

You don't know how

How hard he cries everyday

You don't know oh

The hours he stays

By the grave of the past and the tears of the slain

And he's gone everyday

And he's gone everyday

Because of his scars

He's gone everyday

He is gone everyday

And he's gone everyday

And he's gone everyday

He's gone everyday,

He's gone everyday

And he sees them every day

Standing by the stone...

You don't see the face behind the mas-ask,

And you don't see the pain

Why he hides his true emotions(note lift)

Behind the cool

The lightning arc of the chidori

hear the cries of the weak

And his past does not define him

Once cold becomes emotion

Eye of the uchiha

Teachings of Minato

Skill of hatake

But strong on the outside does not mean...

He ain't gone everyday,

He ain't gone everyday,

He ain't gone everyday

But he still loves

I'm weird


She decays like the mindless stone.

A faded image of the past

A captive of the dead,

Failing away rapidly

Slaving away

And dying each day

The prisoner weeps

Falling into an endless sleep



I know how the worn mother feels,

Working without rest,

Doing what she must until she keels,

Bowing down to exhaustion she kneels,

Although always trying her best

Bleeding hard through her tears,

I know how the worn mother feels, and fears!

I know what the worn mother craves every day

She craves a life for her young

Not knowing their mother's heartache they play

Trying to keep them happy and safe, she fades away

Left all alone abandoned, she carries the weight of a ton,

Single mom dies every day, all on her own she slaves

I know what the worn mother craves.

I know why the worn mother cries

When the day is over and gone

And the sun says its sorrow goodbye's

And she sobs, her smile lies

She must keep working until dawn

Slowly, slowly, her struggle dies.

I know why she cries

No one will come

By Michelle Z

*based on 'I Know How The Caged Bird Feels' by Paul Laurence Dunbar and shares a theme with 'Rockabye' by Clean Bandit*

K that's it!

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