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Soon Luke, Michael and Ashton joined us, all four of them trying to cheer me up and assure me that he still loved me.

We all went back to the guys' house, where we all sat in the dining room, talking.

I laughed as Michael slapped Ashton, causing Ashton to immediately hit him back, a slap fight proceeding before Calum quickly made them stop, giving them a quick

"How fucking old are you two?"

I laughed to his response, seeing Luke look to me.

"That's the first time I've actually heard you laugh" he smiled as he spoke.

I smiled back to him, not exactly knowing what to say.

"I want to hear that more often" he spoke, his smile never leaving his face.

"I'll try my best"

"Let's go play volleyball!"

Luke and I followed the guys to the backyard, where they had a volleyball net set up.

"Aubrey is on my team!" Calum yelled out.

"No one said to pick teams yet-" "too bad"

I moved to Calum hesitantly.

"Ever played volleyball?"

"Nope" I spoke simply.

"Know anything about it?" He laughed out lightly.

"Try to make it hit the ground" I spoke even more simply.

"Yes- but on their side, don't let it hit the ground on our side, that's basically it" he shrugged with a smile, making me nod simply.

Luke joined our team and to say the least- everyone sucked.

"Shit" Luke cursed as Calum and him ran into each other trying to get to the ball before it hit the ground.

I laughed lightly, seeing them both look to me.

"You haven't even moved!"

But, the longer we played, the more competitive we got.

And the more we worked together.

"Fuck!" Michael yelled as I hit it over, himself missing it, letting it hit the ground.

Both Calum and Luke immediately went into yelling sprees, throwing their hands up, running around the yard as if it was their biggest accomplishment yet.

"We win!" Luke yelled, bragging proudly as I stood beside Calum, smiling to the two sore losers.

We ended up soon leaving to go pick up Nick, who immediately got into the car with a big smile.

"I got a girlfriend" he spoke immediately, making the car go dead silent.

"What?" I spoke quickly.

"Her name is Caroline-" "that was quick" Luke laughed lightly.

"She's pretty" he spoke proudly.

I sat silent, not exactly knowing what to say.

"Is she nice?" Calum asked.

Why were they entertaining this idea?

I didn't want him to have a fucking girlfriend.

"Yes, she gave me good crayons" he spoke simply.

"We'll guess this is a good thing" Michael laughed lightly as I continued to stare to Nick.

We got to the house and everyone immediately got out, but I took a second to compose myself, seeing Luke staying seated along with myself, waiting until everyone was out of hearing distance.

"Those growing up emotions hitting you again?" He asked me sincerely.

He wanted to be here for incase that they were, which I knew was sweet.

"I want to move him back to his school"

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