Chapter 6

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      (BEN's POV)

I stared at this girl before me while she was busy talking with Jeff. I didn't hear their conversation because I was busy staring at her. I may be a little dirty at times, but I'm not a pervert.

I saw her flinch for some reason.

'Probably Jeff giving her a hard time' I sighed.

When she turned around to face me, she saw me look up and down her body. I saw that she was blushing, which caused me to let out a chuckle.

She went towards her dresser and started to grab her stuff. Even though, she won't really need it because Slender wants her to be a Pasta. But, I didn't even tell Jeff that. I've seen how he delt with the others when Slender told him to grab new people and bring them to the mansion. The thing is, Jeff didn't know that they were going to be Pasta's because he would get seriously pissed. Probably to the point they end up dead, by his hand no less.

But, Slender told me specifically not to tell Jeff because Slender senses something in her, I don't even know her name. Slender didn't tell me that either. He really wants this to be kept quite. But, I respect it because... well... it's Slender Man, he can literally snap you like a twig if you disrespect him or go against his orders.

Jeff does it all the time and I'm surprised he's not dead yet. Hehe. But, I guess Slender has his own reasons for this and I just need to back off. I didn't question him either because I learned from Jeff.


A minute has passed, Jeff is getting really impatient, I feel Slender getting impatient, and if Slender says that she's the next Pasta, then I can just teleport her things.

We all really need to go. So I went to grab her and she pulled back, probably a reflex, but still, we really need to go.

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