Ghouls Night Out:Rogue(Anna Marie) x Male Reader. (Halloween Special)

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A/n: Honestly, there should be way more X-Men male reader fics on wattpad. Besides that, I hope you enjoy this fic with everyone's favorite Southern Belle mutant, the one and only Anna Marie also known as 'Rogue'. I hope you enjoy this.

Who would have thought, the whole Mutantdom plan, with all mutants in the world being invited to live on the island of Krakoa by Charles Xavier, Magneto, and Moira Mactaggert, where they would be free of prejudice and hate from mutantkind and where all mutants good and bad would unite together as one and live amongst one another in Harmony and thrive together to bring Mutantkind into a new age of Prosperity and rise from the shambles that mutant kind had endured in the past years.

But, that was besides the point. When you received the call from Charles Xavier to come and join your old former teammates from the X-Men and all the other mutants on earth in Krakoa, you had just recently retired from the life of an X-Men. You were completely exhausted of the constant attacks from various factions that were hostile towards the X-Men and Mutants in general. You wanted to leave that life for a bit and get yourself caught up and relax and travel the world and see the wonders that the world had to offer without the constant precautions that came when you were an X-Men.

One thing that made your travels enjoyable, was the company of your fellow teammate from the X-Men who also happen to be your love, which was none other than the Southern Belle charm, Anna Marie famously known as 'Rogue'. From the moment you had originally joined the X-Men back in the day, you two hit it off and found an instant and irresistible attraction to one another with you initially trying to woo her and gain her attention. Of course, she initially found your flirtations to be hilarious and pass them off but with your persistence she eventually gave in and fell for you and got to know you better.

When the day came when you had decided to finally leave the X-Men. Right away, she ran to find you to find out why. You gave her your reason, and she seemed a bit down since you were one of her close friends and even though you two had flirted with one another since you two met each other and knew that both of you had an attraction to one another, you two never really got together and gone pass the flirtation stage and simply stayed really good friends, she of course not wanting to lose you, made the first move and confessed and proposed that she join you on your leave also and wanted to travel with you. You were taken back, you had asked her if she was was sure she wanted to leave the X-Men and join you on your travel, she said she was sure and simply wanted to be by your side and join you. That's all it took to convince you and you happily to her with you on your journey and the rest was history. Which brings us to the current events.

"Amor, I'm guessing some major changes happened after we left. It seems like mutant kind appears to gotten a new home." You said to Rogue as you had pulled over into the side of the road and stoped your bike.

"That's what appears to be sugah. I'm guessing we ain't the only ones that received the call. It seems that all mutants received it also since Professor said that all mutants are welcome to come to Krakoa and that it now is the new home for all of us. I don't know, you already know what happen to the whole thing with Genosha." Rogue says as she takes off her helmet and adjustes her hair.

"Yeah, but maybe we should give it a look and see what's going on Amor mia. How great would it be to see old friends huh? Even if we left the X-Men we still had our fair trouble with hostile enemies. What do you say, our next destination, Krakoa?" You gave her a smile.

"Hmmm, well I would love to see Logan, Remy, Jean and Scott and the others again. So sure, why not sugah. Maybe we can all actually live in peace finally." You gave her a nod and ready your bike.

"Say no more Amor, to Krakoa we go." She put back her helmet and held onto you tight and you sped off to your destination which is a Krakoan entrance that happened to be outside of a major city in the area that both of you were at.

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