Chapter 121

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Zayn and Evelyn laid in bed.

His shirtless torso and her warm, delicate human body were separated by the thin silk nightgown that she wore.

He was stark naked.

Evelyn was lying in a bed next to Zayn, who wore nothing but his birthday suit. Just thinking about their position terrified her.

Against all odds, the night had been so… disciplined, so far.

Of course, there were a few moments of frantic kissing, moments when Evelyn had expected to turn south, moments that made Evelyn reconsider her plan.

She silently doubted her ability to save him, to salvage his scarce capacity to be benevolent, to use her love, and warm up his icy and isolated heart. The goal she hoped to achieve was burdensome beyond the youthful girl’s proficiencies. Even so, no possibilities are set in stone. Determination and dedication can grind against, and overcome, the toughest of odds.

His hands had wandered her body. His touch was gentle, but Evelyn knew all too well how he could go from a loving man to an aggressive, unforgiving beast in the matter of seconds. Evelyn had resisted the burning urge to push him away, and run, as fast as her legs could take her.

She longed to move her legs as fast as she could, to hear the reticent and repetitive falls of her feet. She needed to friction of air against her body as she puts greater and greater distance between herself and Zayn.

She longed to be away from him, and be safe, but she did not dare to move a muscle. She could not.

Zayn pulled Evelyn closer, both of his arms were around her waist, and he pulled her body a little atop of him so that she would rest her head against his chest. He held onto her tightly. His thumb brushed the bare skin between just under the back of her neck.

He could hear her heart racing in her chest, beating faster than its optimum pace. She was nervous and scared, he knew.

Her heart had been racing since the moment his hands began to work that bath loofa against her skin.

Washing Evelyn was a simple yet blissful pleasure to Zayn. He enjoyed the way her body trembled when he was kneading the spots of tension in her back. He admired the way she kept her hands at her side and her mouth silent as he rubbed the loofa against her tender brεasts.

He was aroused and completely hypnotised by her warm, glorious body.

He was surprised he had managed to suffer through that long, tormented experience of indulgence without giving into his concupiscence, and penetrate and ravish her tantalising body.

There were moments of weaknesses, but Zayn had overpowered them: even if it was only barely.

Her head rested upon him. She felt the rhythmic beats of his heart, and the prominent pulses of the veins under his muscles and flesh. It made Evelyn wonder what he was thinking, what he planned to do.

The night was young, and Evelyn was unsure whether Zayn slept during the nights, if he sleeps at all. She wondered if having her body, barely clothed and so close against him added fuel to his raging fire of desire.

She wondered if Zayn would be able to suffice with the night without sεxual activities.

Evelyn made the mistake of glancing up. Her light blue eyes met his dark brown ones immediately.

He licked his lips, lustfully. His expression was the perfect indication of his sεxual stimulation. In fact, Evelyn could not only see the arousal on his face, but she could feel it, pressed against her stomach.

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