Chapter 7: Teams and sleeping schedules

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And here we are again! Thanks for waiting and enjoying the story so far! Expect some more updates! Enjoy!

As Izuku gets carried by Yang who in turn said she needed to quote unquote.

"You are tired little bro, let your big sister carry you"

Which made Weiss, Blake, Ruby, Nora and Pyrrha a bit uncomfortable while their eyes twitched.

Lie Ren sees Nora looking at Izuku full of lust and sighs but on the inside he screamed with joy! Finally he can take a break.

Weiss: Is that really necessary Yang?

She said with a tang of jealousy.

Blake: I know he can still walk but I'm with Weiss on this one.

Yang: Of course! It's only natural for an older sister to care for her little brother! (And lover~!)

Ruby: Then why aren't you carrying me as well Yang?

Yang: Cause he saved you and this his reward.

Weiss soon gets an idea...
'Maybe I should give him a reward as well!' She smiles devisouly.

*Small Timeskip to Ozpin on the Podium*

Ozpin: Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Pyrrha Nikos, and Lie Ren... Your team name is JNPR led by.... Jaune Arc!

Jaune: Led by..?

Izuku: That's great Jaune! You would be a great leader!

Ruby: I agree with big brother!

Ozpin: Next... Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long. You will now be pronounced as Team RWBY! Led by Ruby Rose!

Yang hugs Ruby with glee. Blake just nods as Weiss looks at Izuku whom is a bit shaken up.

Izuku: Am I the only one without a team...? Doesn't that mean I get kicked out?

Weiss's eyes widen. If he gets kicked out of Beacon, he will most likely end up in Atlas!

She doesn't want her first crush to be under her sister's control. Never!

Ozpin: Izuku M. Rose. May you step up onto the stage?

Izuku takes a deep breath and walks up to the stage.

Ozpin: Now you may know the rules, if you don't have a team, you are immediately expelled.

The two sisters eyes dulled a bit. That one word that will make a turning point in their lives. Expelled. They won't let THEIR PRECIOUS BROTHER leave because of Ozpin before they could thrash about he spoke again.

Ozpin: But! You showed incredible strength and risked your life for your sister! That is talent that I could not afford to waste! You get to choose which team you'll be on. However you will not join the festival unless one of the main teammates gets injured seriously.

Izuku: Understandable. I choose my sister's team!

A black figure tackles him onto the floor. It was Blake.

Blake: I was so scared that you might've been expelled.

She says as her mounds press up onto his chest. She then rubs her face onto his.

Weiss was happy to hear that her crush is going to be staying with them but was incredibly jealous. She pryed Blake off from Izuku who had a blush. She grabbed him and lead the way to their dorm...with her teammates following suit.

At the dorm...

Ruby: Alright Yang, Blake, Weiss and big brother. How are we going to arrange the beds but the problem is that there's only four.

Izuku: I'll sleep on the floor.

Weiss: You are not going to sleep on the floor pri- I mean Izuku. You'll have to use my bed!

She said with a blush.

Blake: No! He can sleep with me!

The faunas yelled with a certain tone of heat.

Yang: Nope! Lil bro is sleeping with his big sister!

She said as she fixed her hair.

Ruby: Big brother is sleeping with me!

She said in a cutely manner.

Izuku: G-girls! It's fine! I-I can make a hammock for me to sleep on honest!

He said with a scared tone since it's getting a bit heated in the dorm.

Weiss: I will not allow that my husba- I mean Izuku!

She grabbed him and threw him on the bed as she hugged him tightly but not to tight.

Ruby: Awww~ Oh well! Big brother is going to sleep with me tomorrow then!

Blake: I call next after that!

Yang: I get to have him for last? *sighs* Fine.

She said a bit annoyed.

Weiss stayed up a bit more then the rest as her teammates fell asleep as Izuku is seen sleeping peacefully.

Weiss: He looks so adorable...

She looks around cautiously...after seeing she is in the clear she moved to Izuku's lips.

'My first kiss is with Izuku!'

She kissed him as Izuku's eyes shot up. His face was beet red but he couldn't stop himself but give in to the warm lips of Weiss.

She backed up and licked her lips with satisfaction...however when she see's Izuku's eyes open she stopped then and there.

Izuku: Y-you took my first kiss...

Weiss: Y-you also took mine....

Izuku couldn't keep his thoughts to himself.

Izuku: I-it was nice...and soft.

Weiss blushed heavily and layed down beside Izuku hugging him.

Weiss: Take responsibility and date me.

Izuku nods.

Izuku: I-I will Weiss.

Weiss smiles as she falls asleep...with one thought.

'Prince Izuku is mine for the taking!'

That's all I have for now!

Note: I wrote this while having a killer headache.

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