Chapter 5

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(Name)'s POV

The one in the white hoodie spoke up first.

"You better not scream, otherwise... this is going to be a whole lot worse for you, got it?" He spat. I nodded my head slowly in response.

"He's right, ya know. And also, running away is pointless. So just come with us, and we won't have to fight with you." The Link-look-alike said.

'Ok... I think I know who these people are. I read about them. They look like they're Creepypastas. The one in the white hoodie must be Jeff The Killer and the one that looks like Link from Legand Of Zelda, must be BEN Drowned. I guess I could go with them since I have nothing else to do. Also, putting up a fight won't do me any g-'

My thoughts got cut off by, "HEY, AREN'T YOU LISTENING TO US?!" Jeff spat, angrily.

"I'm sorry, what did you guys say again?"

"I said, my name's Jeff The Killer!" He yelled as I flinched from his tone. "And my name's BEN Drowned."

My eyes went wide. "Like as in THE Creepypastas?" I asked in slight fear.

"Yes, and by any chance, are you a fangirl?" BEN raised an eyebrow. I just look slightly to BEN's left and see that Jeff is glaring daggers at me, but I brush it off and decided to answer his question. "Well... I wouldn't call it "Fangirling", but I guess you could say that you guys are my "idols". I know your backstories, but I don't fangirl over them." I sighed.

I see that both, BEN and Jeff, seemed taken back by my answer.

"Ummm.... are you both ok, you seemed like you guys are in space?" I asked worriedly. "Yes, now let's go. I'm tired of talking and I want to just go on my annual killing sprees." Jeff spat. Jeff started to come near me, but I stepped back out of instinct. "Ok ok, I'm going, let me just grab my stuff, ok?" I heard Jeff growl impatiently. I took that as a sign to hurry up because I DO NOT want to make Jeff mad. I read what he does to his victims when he's pissed.

I turn around only to met with BEN looking at me up and down, which caused me to slightly blush, but I shook it off and went to grab my things for what I need tonight. BEN saw my expression and chuckled.

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