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•Izuku Midoriya pov•

My hands were pinned on the wall and Kacchan  was continuously growling. And Shinso's face suddenly got close and our lips were inch away from eachother "I'll  teach you how to be loyal" he says and I turn my head in discomfort and that was it. Smack

I widen my eyes. Shinso was punched by Kacchan, I look over to Kacchan was panting from holding back his anger. "Don't  fUCKING touch her dipshit" Kacchan says and Shinso smiles. "Wow are you her Romeo or something? I thought she'd  be cool since she is pretty  damn hot" He says  and chuckle and I felt weirdly uncomfortable. "Yea you know what yea she is fucking mine. Keep you and your fucking filthy self away from her and Don't  even fucking think about her like that you sleep deprived fuck" Kacchan says and Shinso just smiles.

Did he just say that? I mean of course it's  just to keep Shinso away from me but it's  making me feel happy that he is saying it I couldn't help but  smile. "Alright, then I'll  be off now" He says  and walks off and Kacchan just sighs and give me a weirdly sad look. My eyes widen slightly. He walks towards me and I raise an eyebrow in confusion.

"K-Kacchan thank you so muc-" I was going to thank him but his sad expression further saddens. "I know you are going to hate me for doing this, I know it'll be selfish for me to do so. But I can't let anyone else have this" he says and suddenly his lips on mine. What?

My eyes widen and his eyes shut as he had his hand on my cheek keeping me in place and his other hand on my waist. His eyes opened just for a second before shutting again and I didn't  knew how to react or what to do. I was having difficulty understanding  what was happening. His lips were so warm though and It felt as if he had set my soul on fire. I was feeling so happy but had forgotten how to move my body.

I was analysing the feeling when he backed away. Seeing me so motionless I guess he assumed that I didn't  like it.  "Seeing you not respond, I guess you hate me now huh deku? After treating you so badly and then stealing something so precious from you, you must feel like killing me right now and If you want to do it. I am right here". He says and my eyes widen.

He thinks I am holding on to what he did to me years ago? He thinks I hate him because he used to bully me. And since  the tension that was caused between me and him it stucked to him? He's..such an idiot.

I finally get a little energy to take a few steps to get close to Kacchan who was looking at my every movement. "Kacchan" I mumble and He looks  me in my eyes "yes Izuku?" He asks as if he would  accept anything  that came his way. "You are an idiot Kacchan" I mumble and his eyes widen and  he smiled "yea that's  me" he says softly.

"Won't you call me weak, pathetic or a sl-" He was talking but I cut him by suddenly kissing him deeply. His eyes were widened and then time my eyes  were slightly opened. He didn't  see this coming. As weird as it may sound but Kacchan's kiss made everything so clear that I liked him..alot.

I wrap my arms around his shoulder and he starts kissing me back. He wraps one of his arm around my waist and his other hand was tangled in my hair. After a few seconds I pull away and his face smiling and even though I didn't  realized it. I was smiling too.

"Kacchan I don't want you  to hold on to the past, Because I didn't. It's  just a mistake not a life long Prison  you can hold yourself into. I have forgiven you now it's  your time to forgive yourself too" I say and he smiles "damn deku" he says and I let out a chuckle.

"Huh soo does that mean I am your girlfriend?" I say and wink and he widens his eyes "yes, no- do you want to be my girlfriend?" He asks and I chuckle and hug him tightly "yes" I say and he hugs me back. Wow..

•Bakugo Katsuki pov•

Everything happened so quick and now I had my Izuku as mine. I had her in my arms. Wow. It was unbelievable to even think that someone like her is my girlfriend.  She pulls away and smiles at me and I was already smiling. "Kacchan let's  go back to class" she says and I nod.

I swear I just wanted to jump around  like a crazy person and It was damn hard holding myself back. We walk back to class and there was  already a scene  there. "GIRLS LET'S  HAVE A SLEEPOVER TONIGHT" Racoon eyes say. Deku gasps "Can I come over? It'll  be fun" she says and I smile. All the girls were chatting and I was happy that Deku seemed excited as well.

"You guys can come over to my house" the black ponytail girl says. "MOMOO YOU'LL  LET US BE IN YOUR HOUSE?" The alien girl  says hugging her and all the girl cheers.

•Izuku Midoriya pov•
And that's  when I noticed, Kaminari and Mineta plotting something.  Just by their vibe. I raise an eyebrow. "Oh AND NO BOYS ALLOWED" Momo says and Uraraka nods "It has to be an all girl party. It's  going to be fun". "Wouldn't  the games be more intense if boys will be there though?" Tsu says and I chuckle.

Uraraka nods in approval and nudges me "Isn't  that right Izuku?" She says and I chuckle.  They don't know that I started dating Kacchan, this will be fun "Yea!" Toru says and I hug her. "YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST" Mineta runs my direction with nose bleed and I get behind Toru. And Momo and Mina chuckle. "Okay fine it's  a class sleep over" Momo says and I smile. "Thank you momo" I say and she smiles. "No problem"

I give a glance at Kacchan  who was telling Kirishima to shut up hut notices my glance  and gives me a knowing look. It'll  be fun to tease him tonight. I chuckle to myself feeling so evil.

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