Chapter 34

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When there was nothing left in my stomach, I forced my feet to move. The men been loud. Their pained groans echoed in my mind and I didn't know if I'd ever forget the sound. It was different than it had been with Faedra, somehow worse. I didn't have time to think when I attacked Faedra and then Juleen, I had just been acting. I had thought about every step I was taking toward them.

And they were so loud.

Someone heard, someone would come and find them. I had to keep moving. I don't know how I did it, how I found the strength to run down the street at a pace that I had never done before, but I did.

My legs burned until they were numb and I was heaving every breath.

Everything seemed to blur together and time seemed to move at an unreal pace. I wasn't sure how long it was before I had completed the journey to the shopping district where I would find the small jewelry shop that acted as a front for the resistance. It was one I knew to be frequented by the men and women who enjoyed socializing at the paestra and I wondered how much of the resistance had been planted right under the nose of the zashar.

I wasn't surprised to find the door locked and hoped that meant someone was inside. Softly, I tapped on the door and waited.

No one came.

I tapped again, louder this time, willing to risk being heard because I had to know if anyone was in there.

My head cocked to one side and leaned closer to the door, unsure if I heard movement on the other side. When I heard it again, the softest bit of movement, I took a chance and spoke loud enough to be heard. "I have medicine," I said in my own language, hoping those inside understood. "Food and water, too."



They didn't trust me and they had no reason to.

"I come from a village in the Voara, I'm here to help." I tried again, knowing I would need to move on if they didn't open the door soon. I was out in the open, visible to any patrol. If the Morri I killed hadn't been found already they would be soon and being on the street wasn't safe. I had nearly given up when I heard the clicking and sliding sound of the door unlocking. It pulled open to a dimly lit room and I noticed nothing but the three weapons pointed at my head.

"Get in," one said with urgency and figuring it smart to listen to the person pointing a weapon at my head, I did as instructed and the door was closed and locked behind me.

The inside was every bit as luxurious as expected, catering to its clientele. Even with the cases of jewelry moved and emptied of their contents, I could see the fine curtaining and decor.

The people inside looked out of place. Even in the dim lighting I could see how tired they all looked. One man who looked human but was much taller than most human men and long pale hair was more silver than blond, I was sure he was like me, human and Morri. The other two holding guns pointed at my face were women, one that appeared human and the other Morri looked exhausted and ready to end me. I'd never seen a Morri look so wary and tired, but she was.

My eyes focused on the weapons pointing at my face. They looked a lot like what I had.

"Have you ever shot someone in the head with that thing?" I asked, unable to stop the rambling because all I could think of was that my head was about to explode into nothingness like the men I'd shot. "It disappears. No more head."

"Drop the weapon," a deep voice ordered and suddenly realizing that I'd been waving around the gun I held, I did just that.

"Sorry." I raised my hands in the air, letting them know I didn't have any intention of trying to go for a weapon. "My name is Lena, I am looking for my people. They're with you—part of the resistance. I don't want to hurt any of you and I really don't want my head to explode."

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