I shake my head and give a snort, "I'll do it. If only because you're my bestest of all buddies, Salina." I say.

"Just play the piano, maybe talk to people for a change, you know meet friends and have a good time. Not for me." Abhorrence to sarcasm in its full glory.

Laughing quietly I just nod my head yes and walk back to the piano to warm up a bit since Salina figures everybody'll be here in an hour. She doesn't say so out loud but she doesn't have to.

One hour on the dot later, there are about fifty teens crowded in our small apartment-style dorm room dancing to the rhythmic beat of my keyboard. I'd rather be playing my piano, but who wants to hear that? Nobody here.

I'm getting into the groove of things when one of Salina's friends yells out, "Sing!" and everybody stops dancing. For the second time tonight, my heart drops right into my stomach. This is not good. Not good at all. I can't sing. It's not that I can't sing but rather if I sing they'll know what I am. They'll hear it in my voice because I sing with my soul. And I call out to the dead. I haven't sung a single note since I was only three years old, the same year I learned to play the piano...

"Are you ready little one?" Daddy says as he sits me down on the piano stool. I have to sit on a large cushion because I'm so small, but I don't mind. I get to learn how to play merry had a little lamb today!


"Yup!" I say proudly.


Daddy places my hand on the piano and says, "Now, watch what I do and try to do the same thing."


I do and he smiles proudly as I stumble through the song. I did it, all by myself. After about twenty minutes, he musses my hair and says, "Now let's try something a little harder." He plays the first line of children's song that I faintly remember hearing on the radio, looks at me expectantly and says, "Come on now, don't be shy. It's okay if you can't copy me on this one."


I begin to play the song he played, but all of a sudden I feel my fingers move to different keys and I begin to play a completely different song. It's a song that I've never heard, but I know it. It sounds very sad to me, and Daddy's looking at me as if he's really confused.


"That's amazing," he murmurs to himself, "it has the glow of...her soul's path song." He smiles at me with a look of sheer pride all of a sudden, "That's your song Allyson. Nobody else can play it in the whole wide world. Not even me! I physically can't. But I can't even play my own song. I thought it was a myth, something that was impossible, but here you are playing it for me."


Now it's my turn to be confused, "Daddy, what do you mean you thought it was a myth? How come nobody else can do it too? It just comes to me."


He just smiles and says, "Sweetheart, it's something my daddy used to tell me about when I was your age. A song that tells the story of your life. And only the most powerful of supernaturals can play it."


Laughing, I begin to hum it. I'd never sung before, for some reason I just never wanted to. Daddy seems to like me humming it at first, he even sings an off key almost version of it with me. All of a sudden the house gets very cold and I can see my breath. I feel that familiar feeling of a ghost's presence, but something about it is off. There are too many of them. Thousands. And, somehow, it's my fault. They begin to come towards me and I have to remind myself that they couldn't really hurt me all that much. They're running, tripping, climbing over each other to get to me, and Daddy has to banish them all by himself. By now I've stopped singing, but it doesn't matter, because they all want me.


Daddy stares at me with horror in his eyes. He smiles but his brown eyes didn't crinkle at the sides like they are supposed to. "Allyson, now don't be scared. But we know now that singing isn't something you should do, at any time. No humming, no singing. You have a very special gift but you don't know how to control it. You-you are very powerful, Baby."


Later that night when Mummy comes home, I hear them talking in the living room from my perch at the top of the stairs.


"Amanda, she's very powerful. She has two of the five gifts." Daddy says.


Mummy gasps, "What are they? Out of the five, what does she possess Peter?"


A sigh from Daddy, and then, "She knows her soul path song. And, now don't be alarmed when I tell you this, she has the Siren's death call. She enslaves the dead with her voice and they must do her bidding. Anybody who isn't a supernatural will know what she is simply by the way she glows when she begins to sing. Allyson must never sing."


And I never did. Ever again. I gulp in a huge amount of air to fill my ever-failing lungs, "I-c-can't."

"Sing! Sing! Sing!" Chants the crowd. Not far from where I sit, stands Salina in her playboy bunny costume, with an evil grin on her face.

Do it and they'll see how much of a freak you are. I bet you can't even sing. I'm glad she doesn't know I could hear her because I want to smash her in the face.

I won't do it; I can't or everybody will know what I am. All of a sudden a plan takes shape in my head. If I don't actually sing, nothing will happen.  I've done this once before when one of my foster sisters wanted me to sing with her to the radio. I can do this.

Again I fill my lungs with air. I begin to 'sing' and everybody starts to laugh at me. This is what I wanted. I 'sing' some more and they keep laughing and start to throw things at me until somebody says, "This party's lame. Let's all go back to my place, where there's booze and we can order pizza."

Yes! That's exactly what I wanted to happen.  

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