Lost in the wood

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Hello everyone, this is my first story so please tell me what you think of it. My writing skills (if I do have some) probably suck so don't hesitate to comment if I made a mistake or if something isn't clear. I put all Ethan's thoughts in italic, so you it will be easier to know if he's talking or thinking (thank you Grand spark)  Enjoy ! Love from otters !

Ethan woke just in time to see the sunrise. Slowly opening his eyes , the reality of the situation came crushing back in his mind.
"Shit !" Was his first thought. Pain appeared in every cell of his body, from the night he spent in the little cave he found. Standing up and walking outside, the little boy realized it was freezing.
Starving, Ethan knew he wasn't going to last long. He was short, quite skinny, with brown hairs shoulder length and brown eyes.
Being a houseboy (more of a slave) in his old pack didn't helped him surviving in the forest, especially in the middle of February. Even with all the stuff he stole before running away, he was still cold and hungry. Finishing the last bite of food he had, Ethan picked a lighter, and tried to create heat.

"Why did I brought that thing ? It's not helping, and it's not like I'm going to find dry wood at that time of the year ! Fuck, what was I thinking when I left ? That I was going to survive ? Alone ? Yeah that's right, how delusional of me"

He remembered it was that or being a whore for frustrated dominants. The alpha was tired of the useless human he was and decided to give him a new "job". That's when he left.
Because yes, he was human, the only one without a wolf, from one of the most ancien and powerful werewolf family. Being a disgrace made his life a living hell. His father protected him until he died.

"Well, dying in the wood is not that bad of an option" he finally concluded. Picking his bag and putting the blankets inside, he started to walk deeper into the forest.
Fresh air was wiping his face. Ethan was suprised his old alpha didn't find him already. Maybe he didn't care after all. Not that he complained.
The 17 years old boy felt the weakness of his body slowing him down, it had been a week or so.
That when Ethan heard a crack behind him. Looking back, he saw nothing but trees and snow.

"Great, now I'm hallucinating"

He picked up his pace, until a huge black werewolf appeared suddenly in front of him, out of nowhere. Fear filled his entire body, making him run back in the other way, hearing the wolf moving behind him.
He felt pain all of a sudden, as the creature tackled him.
"Yeah, like I was going to outrun him" he sadly jocked to himself. The wolf turned him on his back, before sniffing his face.
"Damn, he's a very powerful dominant" Ethan thought, tears flooding on his face.

"Who are you ?" This was a low macsulin voice, that held dominance in every single word.

That made him cry even more. The dominant stepped back, looking at the fragil boy with piercing yellow eyes.
He was an alpha. "Of course, I HAD to meet an alpha on my way to death !"a voice screamed in his head.
Crawling back as far as he could, he hit a tree, never beaking the eye contact with those yellow iris.

"Pl..pl..please don't hurt me" he said, snobbing like the pathetic human he was.
His weak body didn't resist the sudden stress of the encounter, and Ethan just passed out at that moment.

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