Chapter 5

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My hand itching to just drag my blade across the throat of whoever decided it was a good idea to forcefully pull me into a dark room without warning.

"Easy, amore, it's just me."

Fucking Niklaus.

"I could have killed you, you fucking idiot. What the fuck is wrong with..." I was immediately cut off when Niklaus smashed his lips into mine passionately. I instantly melt into his arms, wrapping one of my arms around his neck, using to other to place my dagger back in it's holster.

Common sense returning to my brain makes me push him away gentle

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Common sense returning to my brain makes me push him away gentle.

"Are you on a fucking suicide mission or something? This is insane. We're in Sebastian's house with our families for christ sake! My parents are probably wondering where I disappeared off to." I hissed through gritted teeth, not sure what I was mad about, being put in a dangerous position or having to break the kiss.

I can almost see Niklaus rolls his eyes in the dark. "Stop being a fucking brat." He spat out.

Now it's my turn to roll my eyes before I let out a heavy sigh.

"Niklaus, you know this is the end of the road for us. Whatever we were is over now." My voice calm and collected, as my insides felt like they were being ripped apart. "This is our last goodbye before our relationship turns strictly professional."

"Don't say that." He voice barely above a whisper, laced with hurt. "You'll always be mine, Cattleya."

I carefully feel around behind me for the knob, not wanting Niklaus to notice what I was doing.

I need to get out of here.

After a few seconds, I finally found it.

"Goodbye, Nico." I caress his cheek sweetly, pressing my lips ever so gently against his before opening the door. Light was pouring in to reveal the hurt plastered on his face before slipping out of the room, leaving Niklaus behind, frozen in shock.

I push back the tears threatening to fall from my almost overflowing eyes as I find my way to the front doors, pulling them open without hesitation and walking out. I practically sprint to the waiting SUV that my family was now in, jumping in the open door, not even paying any mind to Sebastian's driver who had held his hand out to help me in the car. He quickly closed the door before going around to the driver side.

My mother gave me a look of concern from other side of the seat. I was grateful for the distance Lucas' body offered me from my mother. I wasn't in the mood to deal with her motherly ways. I simply turned my head, staring out the window, ignoring her completely.

After what seemed like forever, we're back to the venue the gala was held at, in the distance I see our jet getting into position for take off.

I'm so ready to get back and forget about everything.

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