Chapter 2

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(???? POV)

  Me and Jeff made our way towards this girls' house and we thought this would be easy considering Slender told us to bring her back to the mansion with us.

  I glitched Jeff and me inside and Jeff decided to be a baka, and trip over the couch. I flinched when Jeff did this and I said, "Nice going, Jeff. You might as well just knock over the vases and lose our victim." I said as I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

"Hey, it's not my fault it's so damn dark in this crappy house." Jeff spat. I rolled my eyes once more. "Come on, we need to go find her." "Fine, let's make this quick. I'm missing my daily killing spree for this!" He yelled, but wispered.

  Me and Jeff stopped talking as soon as we hear music coming down one of the rooms from down the hall.

  "She must be in one of those rooms then." Whispered Jeff. "Yeah, come on lets-" My sentence was cut off by me tripping over one of her shoes and landed on the soft carpet. "Now look who's trippin'. How does it feel, hmmm~?" Jeff said teasingly.

"Shut up, Jeff." I spat, "I can glitch us both though her TV and grab her there." "Fine, let's go."

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