Chapter 1

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(Names)'s POV

I was sitting in my room blasting my favorite song, Get Out Alive by Three Days Grace, while reading my Creepypasta Fan Fiction.

Hi, my name is (Name), I'm (Y/A) and I like rock, heavy metal, emo punk, and a bit of electronic music. I'm your typical teenager that sometimes, doesn't want to exist because of certain things in life.

I live alone because I ran away when I was young. And I sort of wanted to live on my own for a while now.

Anyways.... let's stop this depressing crap.... as I was saying earlier, I'm reading my Fan Fiction at the moment. It's my favorite..... it's Creepypasta.

I've liked Creepypasta for a while now. My friend introduced it to me a year ago and now I feel like it's an obsession. But, I take a break once in a while. My favorite Creepypasta's are BEN Drowned, Jeff The Killer, Eyeless Jack, and Ticci-Toby.

I like BEN because he's cute even though people think he's a perv... to me he's not, to me he's a sweetheart... when he wants to be that is.

I like Jeff because he's short tempered just like me. And the fact that he looks beautiful.... (A/N: I'm a fangirl for these Pasta's BTW, but NOT like Nina, I HATE her! But, enough to know their backstories.).... and I think he can be mean at times, but, I think he's just defending himself in certain circumstances, but as well as just arguing for the sake of it.

I like EJ (Eyeless Jack) because he's a cute cannibal (A/N: I know he's not really a cannibal, but bare with me because in this book.... he IS one now!).... and because he's a doctor/surgeon.

And I like Toby because his tics are cute along with his personality. He loves Waffles, but to a certain extent. The way he annoys Masky with his famous, "Hey Masky, Hey Masky," while poking him, is pretty hilarious. He also sounds innocent, but he's not most of the time. Which in this case makes him look cute, to my opinion at least.


When my song ended, I heard a 'Thump' sound coming outside my room.... inside my house. I shook the feeling off and I went to go pick the next song. I chose Can't Be Erased by JT Music. I always love this song because I like the game that goes along with it.

Bendy and The Ink Machine. (A/N: Who's your favorite character BTW?)

My favorite characters are Ink Bendy and Sammy Lawrence. I started to sing the song, but not knowing there were two people in my house.... waiting for me.

(A/N: Bold is when the song is playing, but the Italics is when you're singing. So, your singing along with the song.)

"Shamed and defaced
Scathed and disgraced,

Tainted by hatred and can't be erased
Creators betrayed us we've got it on tape,

We've written your fate and it can't be-"

I stopped singing and turned down my music.
Another loud 'Thump' made its' way like an echo throughout the house.

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