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The rest of playlist was pretty uneventful, today however was the day we had all been dreading, it was time to head our separate ways and go home. The thought of not being able to hold Chase or laugh with him, or cuddle with him saddened me beyond belief. However i knew in only 2 weeks I would be joining him and everyone else on tour.

The first person to leave was noen. He wrapped me up into a tight hug before waving goodbye to everyone.
Then it was time for Madi to go. Saying goodbye to her absolutely broke my heart. We had gotten so close lately and i didn't want to be without her. She blew me a kiss while she hopped into her uber, waving as it drove off.
Then it was time for Me, Avani, and Payton to leave. We were all going together since we lived so close to each other.
First i said goodbye to Anthony, He picked me up for a split second and then gently put me down while continuing to hold me.
"I'm gonna miss you kenz." his voice was shaky.
I wrapped my arms around him tighter and squeezed him close to me, "I'm gonna miss you more big guy," and then i let go, "I'll see you soon though, two weeks is nothing." i said brightly
Then i walked over to cynthia. We hadn't talked much these last couple of days, but that didn't change the fact that i still was going to miss her.
We hugged briefly and said our goodbyes.
"I'll see you soon cynthia," i said as i walked towards Chase.

It was time.

When i got to Chase i could tell his eyes were on the verge of tearing. He wrapped me up into a tight and sweet embrace. We stayed like this for a couple minutes, my head resting in the crook of his neck.
"I love you so much kenzie," Chase whispered
"I love you too hudson," i replied with tears welling in my eyes.
He looked into my tearful eyes, and smiled softly. I couldn't help but smile back.

His lips met mine.
It felt like we had put everything in pause. Allowing us to focus on only us, and this moment.
Then the moment was interrupted by the honking of my uber. I pulled away from Chase planting one last kiss on his lips before walking with Avani and Payton towards our uber.
I rolled my window down and mouthed the words, "i love you" to chase. he mouthed them back.
As we drove off i waved goodbye to Anthony, Cynthia, and Chase.

About a little over an hour later i was already on the plane back home. I decided to go through my instagram as we waited for the plane to take off.

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kenzie.matthews; i miss my lil hubby
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