It Started Out With A Kiss

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*Gerard POV

"I dont know...." I shoved his hands in his pockets. I was alittle socially awkward, parties just weren't for me. And I didnt want to go out with my face looking like this.

"C'mon Gee its your birthday! Lets have some fun!" Jovie begged, she wrapped her arms around and looked up at me with a pleading smile. Well, if Jovie was coming too then it might not be that bad of a night.

"Ok, ok, fine." I said giving in.

"The party starts in an hour." Frank said.

"My clothes are at Gerards dorm, im going to get changed. Come on." She grabbed my arm dragged me out of the band room.

*Gerards Dorm:

"How does this outfit look on me?" Jovie asked my, she struck a pose. She was wearing black waist high shorts, a '30 Seconds To Mars' top, with combat boots.

It'd look better off of you, I thought with a sly smirk. Calm down Gerard geez. She looked amazing, well, she always did. My smile faded as I pictured her at the party with guys coming up to her to flirt.

"Looks great." I said honestly.

"Thanks Gee, lets go." She smiled at me.


Frank pulled up into Bobs driveway which was crowded with about twenty other cars. Me, Frank, Ray, Jovie, and Jamia exited Franks car and walked up to Bobs front door. With a few knocks a man with a lip ring answered the door.

"Frank you made it!" Bob high fived Frank.

"Yeah man, I wouldnt miss this party! This is my girlfriend Jamia and these are my friends, Gerard, Ray, and Jovie." He introduced us. I noticed him staring at my face but he didnt ask about it.

"Hey." He nodded at us, he opened up his door and lead us inside his house.

Loud music was blared through the house, 'Zero' By The Smashing Pumpkins. There was so much people here. Other college students were playing drinking games. A small circle of them in the middle of the living room floor passing around a joint. A couple exited the bathroom with half their clothes torn off. They were all having a great time. I walked over to the empty spot on the couch next to two blonde headed girls. At one point I shuddered, I felt like someone was watching me. I looked around but everyone seemed to be minding their own business. I saw Ray participating in a drinking game. Jovie was having a conversation with some random girl she had just met and Frank sat in a recliner with Jamia on his lap. I tried to shake off the uneasy feeling. I looked and saw Jamia get off his lap and head towards the restroom, Frank noticed me sitting on the couch bored and walked over to me.

"Ah, Jamia. That perfect girl who will sit on my lap at parties and on my face in the bedroom." Frank smiled and took a drink out of his beer bottle. I didnt respond.

"Here relax." Frank nudged his beer at me when he noticed the uncomfortable look on my face.

I shouldn't drink, I always get out of control with alcohol. Last time I drank I almost screwed Lyn-Z, thank God I ended up avoiding that mistake. Ill just try and stick with coffee.

"Um, no thanks im trying to cut back."

"Boooo, have some fun man." He patted my shoulder.

Frank took another sip of beer and headed towards the guys passing around the joints. When he left I saw the girls sitting next to me glancing at me. Where that looking at my bruises or something?? I started feeling self conscious.

"Hey." The blonde next to me said. She was wearing her hair down and she had on ripped skinny jeans and a crop top.

"Uh hi." I responded.

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