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Danny stared at her lifeless body lying on the floor.

He didn't want this. He didn't want to see her face free from any emotion. He only wanted to scream when she pierced the dagger in her heart herself. He wanted to let her know that she got it all wrong. He had a plan already but all hell broke the moment she took her last breath. The heavy gate opened with a crack and the screams coming from everywhere were the only logical explanation that all creatures wanted to escape from hell.

He looked at Zach to see that Sage had already freed him from his bind. Sage was nowhere to be found which could only lead to one thing. The bastard was running for the earth. Zach looked murderous as he marched towards Danny but before he could say something, Danny raised his hands.

"Look after Lana. I can't answer any of your questions right now."

As Danny tried to take a step forward, Zach grabbed his shoulder in warning. "And, where the hell do you think you are going right now!? She needs help." 

Danny shook his head. Time was running out. "No, she needs your help. I have to finish what Sage started. We can't have the gate open for longer."

Danny didn't know if Zach understood or not but he didn't question his insanity anymore. Instead, with slight care, he tried to heal the blood that was coming from her. When Danny knew that she was in good hands, he left to kill Sage. After running around several hallways, he finally found the gate but stopped short once he heard something strange.

"Daniel, wait!"

Turning around, he looked at Dalton in disbelief. Where the hell he came from!? Noticing Danny's shocked gaze, Dalton sighed only to wrap his arms around Danny in a sudden hug. Danny didn't want to remember the harsh fact that in his own hand Lana was dead. He wanted to forget the pain so he let the rage out. He didn't even notice that tears of frustration were falling down his cheeks until Dalton pointed that out.

"Don't you dare break down now, Daniel. I need you with me, yeah?"

"I-I had the dagger and she-" Danny paused when Dalton let out a bitter chuckle. 

"You think you were the only one? I have seen the same fate happen to another Deshayes. Their bloodline is cursed after all. But I need you to focus on Sage right now. Your mother was already about you and Iva. After I told her what happened she tracked you down. Thank's devil, Sage choose a Limbo, if he had dragged you in hell, there's no way I could have come for help."

Danny sighed, letting out a small whisper. "Thank you."

"No need. Besides, I brought some help from my clan. They'll retain as many hell creatures they can. You will kill Sage, I promise." He said to which Danny only nodded. Even if Dalton didn't come here, he was going to kill Sage anyway.

Danny didn't know what he was expecting when they stood near the door. The whole gate was lighting brightly and thousands of cries were coming inside of it. Creatures were fighting between themselves to return the earth.

"Watch out!"

Dalton pulled him out of the way as several daggers went over their heads. Danny immediately threw up the shield so the daggers bounced off the shield and he shot them back to their original throwers. Blind rage was making him see red. It took every ounce of his self-control to keep him from flinging them off after what they did to Lana. They even used his sister to threaten him.

"You see him?" Danny asked Dalton when he heard a low growl. They both looked around as the place looked like a madhouse with people running and tripping on their foot. Suddenly, the entire place shrewd in darkness as one of the creatures howled. The familiar sound made tingle down Danny's back. There was no doubt that it was Sage. The temperature dropped and Danny shivered. He couldn't see anything anymore.

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