Matt Casey #1

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A/N this is such utter crap but I really love Matt Casey so here we go.

“How do i look Mommy?” the young girl asked excitedly as she strutted proudly around the kitchen stopping to occasionally pose sassily giggles faulting her attempt at serious voguing. “Amazing Cariad” Y/N stated gently watching the little girl jump around energetically trying to block out the mild panic at her daughter's energy pre sugar rush. You see it was October 31st and y/d/n first real Halloween (at least the first one she’d probably remember). “Ready to go?” Y/N questioned the youngster moving towards the flats front door, horror washed over the small blonde’s face before she dashed off returning with a classic orange pumpkin bucket.

After visiting a couple of apartments to beg for candy the two girls findly made their way outside the cold autumn air doing nothing to dissuade the urgent tugging at Y/N’s hand. “y/d/n slow down I rather like my arm” the woman declared softly delicately pulling the animated girl to her side. A toothless grin stared up at the y/h/c woman swinging their connected hands wildly “Sorry Mommy” the familiar walk to 51 seemed to calm the child with each step. Walking up the drive Y/N couldn't hold back the girl any longer unless she wanted her shoulder dislocated.

“Daddy Daddy” y/d/n screamed running through the open doors of the firehouse not caring who was in the way, Kelly had almost become a victim to the little Casey hurricane but the tall man had managed to jump out of the way before y/d/n came barreling into his legs. “Kelly i’m so sorry” Y/N spat out apologetically to the male as she jogged after the small girl. Catching up to the girl both Y/N and Kelly slowed finally being able to greet each other properly walking into the firehouses small kitchen. “TRICK OR TREAT” y/d/n screamed launching herself at her father almost headbutting him violently in the process. Matt chuckled hugging the small girl tightly swinging her side to side gently as she wriggled to get out of her dads hold eager to show off her costume. “LOOK LOOK LOOK” y/d/n repeated yanking at her father's muscular arms like she was terrified she’d lose his attention for even one second “Wow” Matt said taking in the attire his daughter was dressed in. There y/dn stood plastic helmet slipping over her eyes donned in a fireman's outfit “I’m just like you and Uncle Kelly Daddy” y/d/n proclaimed proudly. Matt looked up finding his wife’s eyes sparkling at him, this was what he wanted, these were the family moments he craved for and Matt Casey had never felt so lucky.

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