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Kid-my name is shiv.

Shiv-My name is shivay😄.

Both shiv and shivay hifi each other.

Shivay-shiv what is your favourite cartoon.


Shivay-vow mine  too🤩🤩.

Shiv & shivay started thier childish conversation. Anika smiles seeing them.

Lad-shiv where you gone?

Shiv-im here mom 😁.

Lad-cannot you stand in one place. I'm searching you for past 2 hrs.
Lady twist sgmhiv ears. Shiv shout in pain.
She leave shiv ears after seeing shivay.

Lad-shivay baby you here? Omg I cannot believe my eyes😍

Shivay-😠 aunty why you hurt my buddy.

Lad-shivay baby which call me as aunty?

Shivay-vo sorry dadi.

Shiv-😂🤣😂 dadi dadi
Shiv sing this line while jumping. Shivay also joined him

He immedietly stop his dance seeing his mom's glare.

Shivay-why you stop suddently?

Shiv-if I dance like this my mom beat me.

Shivay-really 😫.so bad!
You know my wifey did not say anything when I dance.

Lad-shivay are you married?


Lad-excuse me I cannot ask you. I ask my shivay baby.

Ani-first don't him as baby😡

Lad-i call him as baby whats your problem

Ani-I have problem because
Anika paused her sentence.

Lad-what because

Shivay-because I was her baby😜. Hena wifey.

Shivay hug Anika.

Ani-yes 🤩.

    To continue....

Who was the laddy?

What connection she has with shivay?

Do vote and comments 😘

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