Chapter 11

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Excellent so here is the next chapter. Not much but I have to get this over with. I am so damned empty lately. Typing is the only to letit all out so sorry if I write emotional cheesy stuff.

Oh and I will only say this one last time before i kill myself; Sklar is a BOY. Nino, man, guy. I repeat SKYLAR IS A GUY! It fusterates me to have to repeat it over and over again!

If you already know.....Enjoy!


Sharing a Bed With Your Sworn Enemy Sucks.

Chapter 11

--- Friday ---

"Really that's cool," I said as I listened to Josh telling me about himself. He has both parents he loves and respects with one younger sister who is about ten. He has played soccer since 2nd grade and he loves action movies. While listening to him, the overall idem that I heard in his voice was that he's kind.

"So, is this kind of like a date?" Josh had a mischievous smirk on his face as he stirred his drink and looked me straight in the eyes. I blushed fiercely, embarrassed that I didn't even know this was a date.

"Well if you want it to be?" I said calmly, trying to hide my inner voice celebrating as it screamed and jumped in my mind like a teenage girl.

"Then it's a date," Josh gave me a crooked smile and my heart raced. He reached out and rested his hand on mine and intertwined his with mine. The blood in my cheeks heated, my heart pounded against my chest. I tried my best not to smile like an idiot and jump on top of the table, screaming at the top of my lungs to the girls that have been staring at Josh with desire 'What now you BITCHES?! He's mine now you whore! You dirty sluts can't have him!' But I held it in.

"Let's go," Josh said and locked his hand with mine as he pulled me along with him. I tried my best to look presentable, like someone who wouldn't embarrass Josh to be seen with walking around the mall holding his hand. His skin was warm and his hand was strong. I would stare in admiration at him as he would gaze at something with magnificent eyes.

"Josh, you're not straight?" I asked without thinking. I gasped and held my breath, regretting that I let those words escape my mouth. He seemed surprised too. He jolted and froze as he was scanning the music in Hot Topic. He stood up straight and I backed away as I cupped my mouth with both my hands.

Josh had a straight face and he walked towards me, cornering me to back up into the band t-shirts. My back pressed to the wall and no one was watching us. He planted his hand on either sides of me to corner me in.

"Why do you ask?" he asked softly, slowly leaning into me. I held my breath and my hands slipped away. I felt my pulse rushing and this was all happening too fast.

"Just," was all that managed to escape my mouth and I felt breathless.

"Well if you must know, I've come to take a liking to you," he leaned in, just missing my lips and whispered in my ear. I jolted in surprise at that. He chuckled and dropped his forehead onto my shoulder.

"This is ridiculous," he muttered as he gave an almost nervous chuckle and backed away from me. I couldn't move or speak. Come on Sky, come on, do something?! I commanded myself but my muscles stayed locked in their position. Come on Sky! MOVE!

Finally, my hand shot forward and held Josh's wrist in my grasp. I gained a tight grip and restrained him from moving any further away from me. He turned back to me, surprised and met his brown gaze to my hazel.

"I-I have too," I said, almost too murmured to understand. Skylar, what are you doing? This guy in front of you is sweet, smart, funny, sexy, relaxed, responsible, and kind. Everything you've dreamed of. Yet can't you say anything? Here he is, almost confessing to you and you blank out?! What's wrong with you?! Say something! Please Sky, for on god damned time you can be happy yet why don't you do something?! Why are you scared?!

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