Chapter Thirteen

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"Come on, Fi," Nikos pleaded. He was finally talking to her. "Let us contact Owen and tell him you need him."

"No," Fi weakly, albeit stubbornly refused. After Owen asked her to leave him alone, and Wolf's message saying her anima didn't have time for her, she'd understood he didn't feel about her as she did him. He'd be better off without her complicating his life.

"Holy fuck, Fi," Breqlynn swore as she came through the doorway. "You look like shit."

Fi was tucked up in her bed, surrounded by Owen's scent. Although, in her fast deteriorating state, her senses were deadened. His spice and musk smell no longer provided the comfort it had when it was fresh, and she was stronger.

Although she was dressed in her best negligée, Fi must have looked truly terrible. She wore a blue, spaghetti-strapped nightgown. The satin material hung on her frame as if it were two sizes too big. Knowing her end was near, she showered and used the last of her strength to take care with her appearance. Then, she lay in bed, crossing her hands over her chest to await the inevitable.

A faint chuckle came from Fi at Breq's assessment of her appearance. Wracking coughs followed. Wolf hovered near the door as if she might be contagious. More likely, he was unsure of what he could do to help.

Breqlynn had no such qualms. The witch stomped to the bed and announced, "This is bullshit. Nikos and I can have Owen back here in minutes."

"Yes," Nikos eagerly agreed. Fi didn't have the strength to save him from himself. Søren, his babysitter had left some minutes before with a muttered, "I'm not going to watch you die."

"No," Fi reiterated with more force. It cost her. The cough came back and Nikos helped her to sit up. When it subsided, she lay limply back on the pillows. Her eyelids drifted shut, and she could no longer lift them.

"Ugh," Breq raged through the tears in her throat. "Why must you be so stubborn?"

The witch's strong voice sounded tinny to Fi's ears. "This is for the best," she slowly breathed. Although the words were barely audible, she knew the other supernaturals in the room heard.

"Bullshit," Breq grumbled, then sniffled. More loudly she ordered, "Wolfrick can make Owen come back."

Feebly, Fi moved her head back and forth on the pillow. "No," she whispered.

"I lost Judith," Nikos pleaded. Judging by his tone, he was as upset as Breqlynn. "I can't lose you too. Especially not so soon." Something wet hit the top of Fi's crossed hands.

"Sorry," Fi mouthed. She couldn't manage more. Soon, she'd be gone. Owen would free to continue on and live his life.

  Owen would free to continue on and live his life

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Explain what you mean, Owen demanded. The Finn was a frustrating man to deal with on the best of occasions. This was far from that. Why is she dying and how is it my fault?

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