Chapter 60: Crown Pressures The Capital

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Translated by : Irisu

Edited by : Anks & Ely



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Jiang Ruan's posture was elegant and after saying those skillful words, she stood up and repeated them once more with a smile, "Since Ermei truly wishes to see, then I will dance for Ermei, it's no bother either."

Hearing this, all the noblewomen around them began to whisper, "Perhaps this person has been possessed. After all, how could she possibly, of her own accord, try to make a fool of herself?"

"Surely, she must have stayed too long in that countryside village and does not know the severity at hand here, she truly believes that one dance of hers could ruin cities." A sense of mockery could really be felt in these words of the audience.

For Lian Qiao and Bai Zhi, who stood behind her, their hearts were in a fluster; they had been living with Jiang Ruan ever since she was little. Whether Jiang Ruan really knew how to dance, both of them were extremely clear. Although, in the eyes of servants under their command, a master's every word and action were all wonderful. Yet, as maidservants, Lian Qiao and Bai Zhi were extremely clear about the rules in the aristocratic circle. They were deadly afraid that Jiang Ruan had fallen for Jiang Su Su's trap and would commit a breach of etiquette in front of all these famous and prestigious families in the capital.

On the Qing Song Boat, the Fifth Prince narrowed his eyes, "Born with good looks, yet, what a pity, she seems to be a fool."

"Where do these words stem from, Fifth Brother?" Xuan Li lightly chuckled.

"The talent of Second Young Miss of the Jiang family is already peerless, yet, the Eldest Young Miss is trying to seize her limelight away. How can that even be possible, but after all, she is a woman that was raised in the countryside, so how could she know any better?" In between those words of his was the faintest trace of scorn.

Momentarily, everyone on the two boats had their tongues wagging and without exception, everyone remarked that Jiang Ruan was short-sighted and delusional to be pulled into a comparison between Jiang Su Su and herself. Jiang Su Su flashed a trace of ecstasy in her eyes, but on her face was a gentle smile as she said, "Then Su niang is blessed, and I request Da Jiejie to perform a dance for everyone."

To perform a dance for everyone. Lin Zi Xiang furrowed her eyebrows and yet these seemingly innocent words of Jiang Su Su had made Jiang Ruan out to be regarded as one of those dancing entertainers that one would call for at will. For a moment, this had made some people around them cover their mouths in an insulting sneer.

Without batting an eyelid, it almost appeared as though Jiang Ruan had not clearly heard what Jiang Su Su had just said. In her past life, Jiang Quan and Xuan Li had her do such things for the purpose of having her gain divine favor and surviving in the oppressive environment of the palace. This sort of comment 'to perform a dance for everyone', all of the imperial consorts around her had always requested as such. Therefore, just like a dancing clown, she had racked her brains to perform a dance. However, in the end, it had merely given her a nickname of an idiotic beauty.

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