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(third person pov)

They knocked on the door, quite a few times, too many times before the door opened to y/n, wiping her hands on her sweats, covered in flour.

"I know," She said as she let them in. Ethan raised his eyebrows, walking into the kitchen, making the two-year-old on the counter giggle. "How was school, honey?" Y/N asked Casey as she wiped down the counter, flour falling to the floor.

"I messed up my whole spelling test!" Casey said, stepping over some flour, as Ethan dropped his keys onto the island before staring down at the flour-covered Karlee.

"And what happened here?" He asked. She giggled as he picked her up, holding her in the air, far away from him.

"Daddy!" She squealed. Ethan smiled, bringing her down to kiss her nose, making sure she doesn't grab onto his shirt. "Daddy cookie?" She asked. He looked around, spotting no cookies.

"What cookies, angel?" He asked. She frowned and pointed to a bowl of batter, sitting high up on the microwave. He smiled, pulling the bowl down as he put her back down on the counter. "Let's try it?" He asked. She nodded, but y/n grabbed it before Ethan could stick his finger in.

"Salmonella, Ethan," She said, shaking her head, taking it away from him. Ethan frowned at her and Karlee giggled, tugging in his hand, making flour handprints all over it. He looked down at them and pouted, trying to brush it off. Karlee giggled. "What happened, we practiced all day yesterday?" Y/N asked as she walked back over. Casey shrugged and sighed. She ruffled his hair, assuring him it was okay before he ran up the stairs.

"You're so cute," Ethan said as Karlee began to fumble with his keys, staring at the picture of her on his keychain. Ethan leaned down to kiss his wife on the lips before she turned and checked the oven.

"She gets it from me," Y/N said, grabbing the bowl of dough to put on the pan. Ethan laughed and nodded. "I need you to take her to shower?" Y/N asked. Ethan turned to his daughter, now dropping the keys onto the floor. Ethan picked them up before scooping her up, making her squeal.

"Daddy!" She screamed. Ethan put a finger to her lips and she giggled, covering her mouth. "Ucle Gray wake up?" She asked. Ethan laughed as he carried her upstairs.

"Yup, Uncle Gray's gonna wake up next door from his nap," Ethan told her. Karlee giggled as they made their way to his and y/n's bathroom.

"Uncle Gray sleepy," She said as he stood her on the counter, now noticing how covered in flour she really was. "Karlee bath time?" She asked as Ethan helped her pull off her pajamas, in which she'd stayed in the whole day. Ethan shook his head.

"Let's shower, okay?" He asked. She frowned at him and he frowned right back at her. "What's your problem now?" He asked. She furrowed her eyebrows as far as she could before giving up, Ethan laughing at her adamance.

"Toys?" She asked. Ethan smiled, shaking his head. Pulling his t-shirt of and tossing it into the hamper before leaving the room to her room, one that consisted of just her toys as she refused to sleep anywhere but next to Ethan.

He brought her back a few plastic toys, the only toys laying around, a few building blocks and some large toy cars. She clapped as he set them in the shower, turning it on and letting it warm up before he got them both ready to go in.

He stood under the showerhead with her for a few minutes, rinsing the flour out of her hair. She giggled as the water tickled her and he sat her down on the tile, right next to her toys. "Don't stand up, princess, okay? Don't want you slipping," He said to her before turning around to wash out his own hair.

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