11: Natsu vs Y/n & Erza

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♤♤3rd Pov♤♤

Opening her eyes, a glint of curiosity and interest sparkling in her e/c hues. Her hood down but her cloak still wrapped around her body.

Next to her is a redhead, her eyes staring intensely at her opponent. Her stance is steady yet intimidating and her scarlet hair blows in the wind.

Across from the two is the salmon-haired Dragon slayer. A smirk visible on his face, knowing he'll have a great time fighting them.

A large crowd - along with guild members surrounding them, whispering among themselves as to who will win.

And in the sea of people - was a small table. A blue, and a light yellow feline sitting at it. Wearing fake moustaches and hats, collecting people's money for the bets.

Apart from the citizens, stood Lucy, Gray and Mira. Worriedly, she leaned to Gray "Don't you think this'll tear our strongest team apart?" She asked.

Raising a brow at her he questioned her words, to which she replied in simply telling him the members of their so-called-team.

"What idiot told you that?" He inquired with a small scoff. Mira - who was next to them, smiled brightly. That was until she slouched over and began to cry.

Realizing what he said, Gray immediately went to her aid. "O-oh no Mira! You're not an idiot!" He assured the female.

"But you gotta admit though.." Elfman started, staring at the 3 wizards who haven't even made a move yet just seems to taunt eachother with their eyes.

"He's pretty manly for challenging them both at the same time."

"That reminds me." Lucy piped up "Isn't it kinda unfair for 2 against 1?"

A small chuckle soar through the sky. E/n soon cam into view with Happy, their chairs and table floating, obviously due to the H/c haired magic.

"Listen, Natsu doesn't care. He doesn't care if their strong, or even together. He just wants to fight and prove he's stronger than them." E/n explained, keeping her eyes glued on the fight, the chants of the spectators almost drowning out the sound of her guildmates.

"Is he though?" The blonde asked, now looking at the two felines. The two only shrugged.

"Natsu have gotten stronger though! I'm sure he can beat one of them!" Happy exclaimed, raising a paw up, praising his friend.

"That's true, but at this rate, I'm sure the two will beat him." E/n said.

"...Aye..." Happy mumbled, sulking a little.

E/n then turned to the blonde. "I heard that you thought we were the strongest team, yeah?" She nodded.

"Listen here" E/n started "You haven't been here long, so I'll just inform you that they are people much stronger than Natsu and Gray combined." Happy nodded in response.

"And I doubt we're actually the strongest team, even with Y/n on our side."

"You mean there's someone stronger than her!?" Lucy yelled, but it was faded it out do to the loud chants of the spectators.

"Well yeah. She's only the strongest female wizard in Fairy Tail. There's the strongest one, and another one who Y/n and I personally know that have magic as strong - or maybe even stronger than her." E/n said.

"Mystogen, right?" Levy asked, turning to the exceed.

"My bet is on Laxus. Haven't seen his power, but from what I heard from Y/n is that he's stronger and doesn't play around when he fights." Elfman said.

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