He spots you at a concert

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We had finally arrived at the venue of the concert. I was ecstatic to finally be seeing 1D in concert. Finally. I turned to my left to see my sister hyperventilating. I chuckled as we stepped forward. The girl in front of us was screaming her head off once the guard checked her ticket.

Once she was done, we stepped forward as the man asked for our passes. I opened my wallet and pulled out two tickets. My dad had not allowed us to see them.

"Right. On your left there will be a man to take you and 20 other girls to the front VIP section. In you go." he handed us laminated tickets attached to string.

"Did he just say VIP?!" Rani squealed as she held my hand tightly. I nodded my head vigorously as I let out a little scream.

"Goodevening our fellow Americans!" Niall shouted into the microphone. It was so loud I almost got deaf. "Tank' you all for coming tonight and we hope you enjoy de' show yeah?"

Everybody screamed as the music started.

Maybe it's the way she walked.

Straight into my heart

And stole it

Harry sang the first part. I immediately melted when he sang but not as much as when Zayn sung. He is a Greek God.

The song ended as a new one started a few seconds later.

"This is one of our old songs. We'd like to take you back to those moments." Louis commented sitting on a stool.

The song started as they began to sing their solo parts. They walked around and touched random fan's hands. I watched as Harry's solo began so he belt the words out. He walked around and touched fan's hands. He walked towards our section and came around I touch our hands. I freaked out when his came in contact with mine. He turned his head towards me for a moment before walking off. He immediately stopped and turned around, staring directly at me when Chorus came.

His eyes locked gazes with me for longer than expected. I gave him a little smile as I shied away a little but not too much. He winked at me and blew a kiss.

He did that vey often during the cconcert He would stare at me, whisper to the boys whilst staring at me or he would come along and 'pretend' to be touching the fans hand when he kept his longer on mine.

Right before Story of my life came one, he mouthed a few words I could only just make out.

"You're beautiful. "

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