Our New Beginnings

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Thank you for being our Rainbow after the Strong Storm!

Akira's pov

Well what can i say!

A lot of things have happened in this last 3-4 days....i am married now...my babies have a complete family now.
And This man, who is also now my husband is someone who genuinely cares for his people.
The way he supported me against all odds...and the way he claimed vidit in front of all, as his own, left me speechless.

He really stood true to his words!

But am I able to accept this new relationship?
I guess, not!

Last time when i thought I was in love, and my marriage was unbreakable...it turned out to be my biggest nightmare.
How my ability to judge people was a big failure. I had spent so much time with him but yet I got shattered.

And now, this new person who barged into my life with his conviction and stubbornness, is a total stranger. I don't know how it would be to live with him.

Would he respect my choices?
Or would he force his choices on me?
What would be his expectations from me?
He said he likes me...What if he wanted the same from me?

I can respect him but loving someone is not my cup of tea anymore.
I am too broken to be mended!

I was brought back to earth by my mother's voice - Are you thinking about the future of this marriage, aku?

Akira's eyes popped and she shuttered - Wh...What are you saying ma?
I... I...am not thinking in that way. This marriage is to protect our kids from harsh reality of this society where people think negative about single parents. So, the future of this marriage is as clear as it's motives. So, We will protect our kids and give them warmth of a family.
That's it for now mom!

And what about you two? What about your feelings? What about your bonding? - she asked

I began fidgeting with my fingers and said - What about it mom! You very well know, I can not trust any male with my past experiences. And I don't have any romantic feelings for him....and Mr. Rathore is a nice man, I am sure he will respect my decision.
The truth and foundation of this marriage is our kids and we both agree to this thought.

Don't be so hard on yourself Akira! You two have a lifetime ahead together. Try to understand this unique bond that you two share against all odds and you will find your path. Love is knocking on your doors again...don't let it go Akira! Not everyone is lucky enough to get second chances at finding love again! - replied Mom

Mom, the word Love has exited my dictionary and my life. I don't think I can ever love anyone back! - I replied

What about Vikram? What about his feelings...? You do know, he has something for you! Don't push him away! - mom said

What about him mom? I know he cares for us...and I respect him for that. But he is also broken...and i don't think he would want anything like a husband would...he is matured enough to understand my situation. - I said... More king of assured myself

She sighed and said - Anyways, Tomorrow you are returning to Delhi, to your new place, to Vikram's house.
You life is going to change from there on and you have a complete family of your own to care for!
Don't hold back yourself Akira!
Give Vikram a chance!
Not every man is the same!

I looked at my mother and said - Mom, I will try my best to keep our family happily intact....other than that I don't think I can promise you anything!

And with that I left...i needed to clear my head!

I opened the door of our room and bumped my head into something hard...!
- Owwwweeeiii!
- Careful!

It had to be Vikram of course!
Gosh, I needed fresh air, For crying out loud!

He quickly caressed my head with his palms in a daze...clear worry in his eyes...i meekly protested and our eyes met. The genuineness in his eyes stunned me and He looked stunned too...he quickly withdrew his hands and asked -

Are you okay?

I just rolled my eyes and went inside the room but halted upon hearing his warning words -

Never Ever Roll Your Button Eyes On Me Wife!

What The!?!

I glared him hard but he smirked - Or I will not be responsible for my actions!

I crossed my arms on my chest and his eyes widened....and I followed his gaze and I swore many colourful words.

What a Pervert he is to look at my raised valley!

Eyes up here Mr. Rathore! And what did you mean by -

"I will not be responsible for my actions"

He just looked away and he opened his mouth to say something but our kids barged into us. And I glared him!

Four of us sat on the king sized bed and vidit spoke - Daddy, are we going to live with you?

Without a doubt champ! - Vikram patted his head lovingly

Mommy will you sleep with me in my room? - asked little kiyara

And I smiled at her and she laid her head in my lap and said - Mumma, will you too leave me if I made a mistake?

Hey, princess! Who told you this! Kids do make mistakes and that ok! I wouldn't leave you all for the world!

Some of big girls at my school said that I was not a good girl so my mumma left me...!
But now I have you...will you leave me again as my punishment?

I looked at Vikram and he looked away...masking his pain and helplessness.

I caressed her face lovingly and cooed - Mumma will never ever leave any one of you! My kids are my prized achievement! I Love you Both!
And I will talk with those girls. You need not worry!

By this time, both kiyara and vidit were in my lap and they looked tired.
So, I quickly made them eat their dinner and tucked them in their bed.
And they looked Adorable!

Vikram came inside their room after  few minutes and said - Thank you! For reaching out to her! She really admires you! And she really needs your guidance!

I replied genuinely - Hey, you don't have to worry about her now....It's my duty to protect my children. She is a darling!
And If I care about someone, I will legit do anything for them, I will consistently go an extra mile for them as long as that brings smiles on their faces. And I guess, same goes for you too!

Akira, I will try to be the best Daddy for our kids. It's not that I am perfect or anything, but I am ready to take a chance for us towards a new beginning and I'll love them more than the stars in the sky above us! - he replied assuringly and i felt at peace!

And soon, we called it a night as tomorrow awaits a new beginning for us like he said!

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