Unexpected Meeting

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It was peaceful day in lower Manhattan. A small TV was playing the usual music as the clock hit nine. The hourly new beginning with entertainment world.

"As we all know the heartbeat of millions of fans and one of most successful actor and model Felix Dante Lopez is rumoured to be working on his next project in new York. We still need official announcements but his private jet was landed on JFK last night. For further details keep watching CNC entertainment."

Few girls who were sitting in the small bookstore screaming with enthusiasm for their idol. When suddenly a song came with catching beats and music.

" Oh My Gosh! My baby is so adorable. I can just kiss him all day long. Right Maria." an ash blonde teen girl said to the blonde girl next to her. Both were worshipping the TV screen as the snaps of Felix was showing from the paparazzi shots. And his new song was playing on roll.

"I can give anything to touch by those hands and be with him even for one night." the blonde girl  dreamily.

"If you girls want to purchase the book then please don't forget about it." a small irritated voice came from behind them.

Both turned and gave a sheepish smile to the brunette in front of them.

"Sorry Summer, You know how much we love our hero and yeah I want the book on world war and hope you have prepared those notes for us." Maria asked with hope.

"Here you go." Summer handed them the notes she had prepared for the girls and after paying the girls left and she was left alone.

Her eyes drifted to the screen where his song was still  running but what made her froze on her spot was him.

Felix was enticing and looked so much emotional. He was professional actor and singer as well. She gulped when she saw his exposed abs and felt awkward. He sang song about love and pain mostly which was like loneliness and broken heart. She knew it was about her like always been in past.

She was his muse and inspiration

She didn't dare to look back. It was very uncomfortable for her.

This was absolutely wrong. He should not be here. Why would he come back again. He was well known actor ans artist and it was six years since they have talked with each other.

She looked around her, a small bookstore to keep her life going on. She was English major in literature. She had written many blogs and articles and was working in an advertising firm but she still loves her bookstore.

She looks at the wall where she had put her certificates and trophies she had won in writing and literature. She walks past the reception table when she removed few literature awards she saw five certificates and three trophies which she has won in singing competition. She was gifted with beautiful voice but her dream was shattered.

Suddenly her phone beeped. She has received the message from unknown number.

"If you haven't changed your number then I hope you can meet me around eight o'clock at our old spot tonight.. Felix."
Her world stopped. This cannot be happening. But she has to face him. She can't avoid him all her life.

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