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Liked by sunshinerobrtsn, jackduff and 25,139 others

harvlcantwell hmm 🤔😉❤️

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sunshinerobrtsn Forever ❤️
        harvlcantwell always my love ❤️

ryanbeaumont excuse me! You didn't ask us all for permission beforehand
                 harvlcantwell we're not engaged Rye, I was just curious as to what it looked like
                 sunshinerobrtsn you suit an engagement ring very well, that needs to happen soon
                 harvlcantwell baby no, we don't have to get engaged any time soon.
      sunshinerobrtsn but we're ready too and I know we both want to ~ we've been together for years gorgeous, it's not like it's been a month
                           harvlcantwell I know, talk about it properly later? ❤️
                       sunshinerobrtsn okay ❤️, I love you, you know that right and I never want to push you into anything (unless it's a wall but that's completely different 😉)

AFovvs I love the simplicity of it harv, Sonny pick that one 😂😉
           sunshinerobrtsn shush secret
           harvlcantwell I like big rings but that one is drawing me in, Sonny sweetheart don't pick that one we don't need to be engaged ❤️

brooklyngibwyatt omg imagine harv being the first one engaged 😥❤️
                            harvlcantwell that sounds crazy Brook


I did have another photo (still related to marriage/engagement topic) that I was going to use but I thought I'd save that for later.

I'm also not sure why I've picked Honny to maybe get engaged first but I think they deserve a bit of attention and I think I might make them all engaged/married eventually.

❤️❤️ Thankyou for 4.27k reads, I say this constantly but it makes me so happy that people are reading this and adding it to their library or reading list, I honestly didn't think it'd do amazing but I was proved wrong and I'm so grateful ❤️❤️

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