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When Lana was a child she used to wonder how she would die. But now that she stared at Danny's silver cold eyes, she didn't know if she wanted this.

"You know...There was something stopping me from sniffing you out. As a first Seeker, I should have known that it was you. If I knew you were the Seeker, then I'd made her summon you a lot faster. Seriously, how did you manage to betray us like that? You excellently hid the hate that you feel towards her." Sage talked on and on but she didn't look at him. She still stared at Danny for dear life. Sage's words hurt her heart more than once but she didn't want to show them any emotions. She only wanted to see Danny's reaction.

But to her dismay, he remained the same like nothing was going to happen.

When she looked back at Sage again he was with a group of other creatures. It surprised her that even if how many people they already killed, these creatures seemed to double every time. If they could come in...was there a secret door to get out of this limbo? As they noticed her eyes on them, some of them glared at her with disdain.

She didn't let their glare get to her, she was already ready to die. Even if her body screamed in protest. When Sage noticed she was looking at his men, he gave her a crooked smile glowed with the promise of every pain he was going to give her.

"Seeker, would you take some time to think?" Sage mocked seeing Danny unmovable. "Oh, I don't know, to say goodbye and all?"

"I already told you I'll do what I've to do." Danny's voice snapped her from her glaring contest with Sage and it wasn't the words she wanted to hear from him. Do what he had to do? And what was that even?

Fulfill his destiny as a Seeker?

"Then what are we waiting here for! You know I can kill your precious sister in a snap." Sage threatened Danny completely ignoring her. A shudder ran through her skin listening to Sage. Iva was in danger. Shit, when did Iva was taken here?

Her lips parted to throw profanities to Sage but the wrong thing came out. "Iva? You have Iva? What the hell!"

Sage took pride in the fact that he had not one but two people in leverage. "You didn't think I had everything planned out? Your Seeker was bringing too much trouble so I had to bring his sister in this. Nothing beats to see your sister die in front of you-"

"Sage!" Danny looked murderous as he stepped forward to raise his hands but at the last moment, he closed his eyes uncurling his fists. 

These people had not only hurt Lana but also Danny by taking Iva in here. She needed to save Iva and these people were talking as if Lana was already she was not really there and it pissed her off along with Sage's smug smile.

"If someone wants to kill me, I suggest they get this over with." She snapped glaring at Danny. Hearing her voice, his jaw clenched but he still avoided her gaze. His eyes were almost unrecognizable and it terrified her.

Suddenly, his eyes flickered to her completely ignoring Zach's warning words. What was he thinking now? Was it really over when he had nothing to say to explanation? She wanted to fall apart and cry about it all. How could life be this unfair?

Though the rational part of her mind knew it has to be done. There was no way to get out of limbo without opening the gate of hell. Once she promised herself that no matter what she won't let anyone hurt her. But it didn't matter when Danny, Iva or Zach's life was on the line. It wasn't worth it.

"Take this dagger. It's one of the old daggers that can kill a Reaper." Sage brought the shiny dagger from the pentagram and handed it to Danny. If Lana was going to be killed she wasn't making this easy for Sage. She promised him. Remembering that she threw the dagger that was in her hand and for a second, for one tiny second, she thought it actually hurt him. But he was quick to move and it ended up in the heart of another creature. With a scream, that creature slumped to the floor.

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