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[A/N: Finally, I found the time to write this! I wrote this to thank the person who is the reason why I write my own stories, I was inspired by her. I want to grab this chance to formally thank her and to show her my love and support!]


"Actually kasalanan mo naman talaga most of the time kung bakit nagkakaasthma attacks ako...Eh kasi naman...whenever you're around...You take my breath away."-Terrence Kelvin Quintero (A Place in Time)


One of my favorite lines in that story... and one of my favorites characters in all HER stories. Actually siya yung tumatak na character sa akin... weird, I fell in love with that character knowing that he’s not real...

I’m not talking about Terrence here, so enough about him... I’m here to thank ‘The Person I Love’ ... I idolized her since I was in high school and now I’m already in college I still do... She’s the most awesome person I know, for me she’s one of the best authors... She’s nice, very down to earth... She is JESSICA CONCHA...

I want to share something on how I met her...

When I was in high school, we were in our classroom and I heard my classmates (girls) are talking about a guy named RIYAN VINCEL HETZER... I heard them saying... “OH MY GOSH! I’m IN LOVE WITH AYAN (it’s the nickname of RIYAN)!” and I thought, “WHAT? WHO IS AYAN?”, “Riyan what now??” I laughed because his name is kind of weird I guess... and I asked them... “ummm, guys? What are you talking about?” they answered me like they were little girls squealing of excitement...

“OH MY GOSH! YAN( my name) you have to read this story, SOUTHERN HIGH! It’s really nice and I’m sure you’ll like it... NAKAKAKILIG SOBRA!”  I wish you have seen their faces! Their eyes sparkle as they speak...

“uhmm, ok, I’ll read it, just give me the link...”

Later that day, she sent me the link... I can’t remember the site but it was still in bravehost.  So I started reading it and I CAN’T STOP! I fell in love with the story and eventually I READ ALL ate Jessica’s work...

And here comes ‘A Place in Time’, I cried in this story... A LOT! I just love Terrence so much I can’t let him go... I remember the date when I finished reading it... January 30 (I just forgot the year! LOL) the night before my birthday... My eyes were puffy and I slept late because I just have to finish it and I have classes in the morning. I remember my brother was asking me “were you crying?” I just nodded and said “the ending was really sad...” he just laughed at me.

Then, early morning it’s already my birthday.  My parents came and woke me up...

“Happy Birthday, Yan!” I opened my eyes then I remember the ending of the story... when the thought comes into me about Terrence, I started to cry again... YES I cried in front of my parents! They were wondering why I was crying and I just smiled at them. (Nakakahiya naman siguro sabihin na umiyak ako dahil sa story lang diba? LOL)

When I remember what happened I can’t help myself from giggling... See, ate Jess? You are a great writer. You leave a mark; your stories leave a mark.

I searched her account on Friendster (wag ka! Uso noon yun!LOL) I messaged her that I was one of her fans and all and she replied. She’s really nice. One time nga it was already 12 midnight here in the Philippines and it was morning in the States, I added her as one of my contacts in Yahoo Messenger. I messaged her and she replied. We talked, actually we chatted? HAHA! And I think I was the luckiest girl in the world because I saw her on webcam. I remember she showed me her room and her PINK SHOES! Haha! (I don’t know if you still remember ate Jess... but that was one of the best days of my life and surely I won’t forget it.)

I wanna grab this chance to say sorry... I don’t know what happened I forgot to visit your site before. And just last summer (2012), I kindah miss reading APIT and I searched for it and saw your site. I was delighted! Then that’s the time I added you on facebook and followed you on twitter! Gusto kong bumawi kaya naging active na ulit ako!

I also want to thank you ate Jess, for inspiring me to write my own stories, it’s not as good as yours but I’m working on it:] I wanna be as good as you. Kaya sobrang thank you talaga ate jess.

I was really sad when you came back here in the Phil. And I can’t go to the meet and greet because I need to fly all the way from my place to Manila. And I can’t travel alone... -.- but I know someday, we’ll meet! Maybe you’ll be back here or I’m the one who is going to the States! LOL! I wish!

And ate jess, if you need anything, just message me:] I would be happy to help... hehe, and oh about the banner, I should be the one who should be thanking you! It’s not every day that you can see your work and your name on a website right? HAHA! I was overwhelmed ate! THANK YOU! My heart was pounding really fast seeing the banner at your site! It’s an honor!  And my brother says you’re welcome (he’s as thrilled as I am)... I appreciate it a lot ate! Just the thought of you noticing me, out of your thousand fans, it’s heartwarming! ;] LOVE YOU ATE JESS!;] STAY AWESOME! Me and all of your fans are always here for you!

Sooo, guys don’t forget to visit her site! www.jessicaconcha.com

Her works are really good!




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