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"ADAM!" The moment Deceit and Belle walked through they were met with the king literally scarfing down his soup. The twins just laughed as their mother shook her head in embarrassment. Roman beamed as he high fived his father who just shrugged. "Animals... all three of you." Deceit smiled as Remus tried to brush off all the crumbs off his lap. "You couldn't even wait for us?"

"Dad said not to." Roman said in between laughs.

"He said he didn't want to look bad by being the only one that didn't wait." Remus called over as he slowly pushed himself up.  Deceit gratefully took his hands already feeling a tad bit weak on his feet. "Are you ok, Caz?"

"Of course." Remus shot his a look and Deceit smiled slimly. "I'm a bit dizzy."

"Well, let's get you sitting down then." Deceit nodded as Remus led him to the table. The table was obnoxiously large however the chairs were clustered together so it was still a family dinner. Deceit just assumed the added space was for guests and events. "Caz are you sure your ok?"

"Remus, I'm fine." Deceit smiled as Remus helped him to his seat, and laughed seeing Roman give his brother this stupid look. "You know you don't need to do so much for me right?" Remus paused as Deceit took his hand with a soft smile. "I'm supposed to be helping you."

"Caz, It not bothering me in the slightest." Belle frowned as Deceit just sighed and looked away. Remus took his seat and laughed sensing the awkward tension in the room. "Well... I'm sure you all have your questi..."

"Yeah, I have one." Roman raised his hand giving his twin a smirk and making Deceit tense up. "Why the snake?" Remus's eyes went wide as Roman just laughed. "I mean I know the whole... hempe..."

"And we stopping there Roman!" Deceit called out as his fist clenched tightly. "Why is that what everyone goes to... I'm only half snake."

"So..." Roman just laughed as Deceit shook with embarrassment. "Doesn't mean you can't have a second di..."

"ROMAN!" Deceit hissed at the prince who just continued to laugh. The king frowned in confusion as Deceit shook his head as red as a tomato. "We are literally at a family dinner."

"I did say it wouldn't be proper." Roman shrugged as he started to pick at his plate. "But no in all seriousness... why the snake?" Roman's voice dropped to a deep growl as he pointed his fork at Deceit. "He's not exactly the 'nicest'."

"I'm not?" Deceit rolled his eyes as he tried to ignore the comment. However, the sad look Remus had was making it hard. "I'm sorry but... ok, no your right." Roman's eyes widened a tad. "Out of the group, I'm the best. I get it... but I'm not the worst either."

"Hey, I was just..."

"I care about him, Roman." Deceit's eyes narrowed making Roman cringe a tad in anxiety. "No tricks or spells... no manipulations or sleight of hand... nothing, but honest to god emotion. Can you say the same?"

"That was a low blow." Roman frowned as he shook his head. "I do care." His voice was so quiet as he looked away. "There is no spell..." Roman sighed as he put on this fake smile. "What I meant was you're a total dick when you want to be. You're such a 'mean girl'. So in actuallity, you do have two dicks mister, snake." Deceit choked as Roman stuck his tongue out at him. "On in your pants and one in your personality." Roman laughed as he waved himself off. "I do hope you realize I am messing with you."

"Of course Roman. Why wouldn't you be? It's not like you were a total asshole to all of us the moment we got here. Especially to Virgil..." Roman flinched as Deceit turned to his plate that he had yet to fill. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said such things."

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