Chapter Seventeen: Vien

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(Y/n)'s POV

I awoke, feeling a slight dizzy. My eyes were close and I could hear my own breathing, nothing more. I forced myself to open my eyes as I saw nothing but a blur. My eyelids were forcing to be close, but I fought back. I looked at the blurry figure in front of me as I opened my mouth but I did not hear, not even a single word come out.

I finally closed my eyes, ready to give in to the darkness as it takes me whole. Suddenly, I heard Zach's voice, repeating my name over and over again as his voice crack. "Zach?" I finally spoke, but only in a weak whisper. I flutter my eyes slowly, the blur going away. I finally configured who was in front of me, it was Zach.

I began to cough as I saw a rich color of blood coming out, but I only smiled. I rose up from the floor, feeling my head pounding in pain. I saw Leo with the strange girl I encountered before, it was Vien. She looked straight at me, no emotions can be found, no light in her eyes that serves her life. There was nothing inside her, she's almost like a machine.

"Why did you do that, you damn piece of trash!" said Leo, choking her as Vien turned to look at Leo. "I only did what the master had told me to do." Vien answered in a monotone. "I do not care what Franziska tells you to do, don't ever touch my (y/n)!" Leo said, not even hiding his anger.

His grip around her neck was becoming stronger, making me cringe at the thought of the pain she must be suffering. I ran towards them, Zach trying to hold me back. I took Leo's wrist that was around Vien's neck as they both looked at me. I felt a trickle of blood coming out of my head but I did not care.

"Let go of her, she did nothing wrong Leo!" I growled, "Nothing wrong? Huh, stay out of this (y/n)!" Leo yelled at me as he took my hand that was pulling his wrist and threw me down on the ground. I ached in pain and saw a glimpse of Vien, her eyes a little wide open while she looked at me. She immediately turned away as Leo kicked Vien and got out of the room.

Zach ran towards me and knelt down, asking me how I am. I ignored him and just looked at Vien as she looked back at me for a few seconds until she turned and left the room. "hey (y/n), you alright?" asked Zach, cutting me off pondering. I looked at him and nod making him sigh in relief.

"Geez (y/n), you scared me back there. I thought I lost you." Zach said. "Be grateful that I didn't." I laughed, making him roll his eyes. He took my hand and gave me support, leading me to the bed and letting me lay down. "Get some rest, I'll treat your injuries," Zach said. I sated at the ceiling, I felt something cold touch my bleeding head and I wince in pain.

Zach looked at me, "I can't help but overhear your conversation..." Zach said, making me turn my head and look at him as a smile crossed my face. "Whose Simon, if I may ask (y/n)." Zach asked, "Simon is the one I love. I thought he was long gone so I tried committing suicide. But after everything that Leo said, I know in my heart that Simon is alive," I said.

I sat up on the bed and faced Zach once more, "I know he's alive, and I know he won't give up. That's why I'll fight until I finally be able to hug him again." I said, giving Zach a bright smile on my face. Zach looked surprised, his eyes were wide open as he controlled his composure and gave me a small smile.

"We both have similar situations and yet, you still smile so bright. I can see why Simon isn't giving up on you." Zach laughed, "He protected me in this world full of cruelty, its my time to protect myself." I replied back.

Zach nod his head, "Indeed." We were silent, I observed as he healed me. But my observations was soon broken when we heard glass breaking downstairs. Zach stood up and looked at me, "There's an intruder in the house." said Zach. I got up and felt a sharp pain in my head as I stumbled with my own two feet.

Zach caught me and laid me back down, "Stay still, we will handle this." Zach said. "No, I can manage." I narrowed my gaze as I sat back up. Zach sigh and pushed me back down on the bed, "Not today."

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