7~ Second

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"I still don't understand how you can be so calm about all this"

I laugh, blinking back the sunlight as we walk outside. "Calm about what?"

"About being hit on, that girl was smoking." Christian says, following me out of our English class. Somehow he convinced me it would be a good idea to take a class together this semester.

In a moment of poorer judgement, I listened.

"Dude, it's quite simple, I don't care."

All a girl did was ask for my snap and I politely declined, it's nothing to get his panties all twisted up about.

"I get that you're in a happy, committed relationship or some shit like that." He says and I snort, some shit like that. "But why don't you judge me, because I'm the anti you."

Saying he's the anti me is a nice way of putting it but I won't argue there. I mean, at one point I was worse than him so I'd say he's a healthy middle.

"Because you're not me." I state, surprised he had to ask after months of living together. "You're just living your life, man. Now, if you were an ass to the girls you went out with or had a secret girlfriend that I didn't know about, it would be a different story." However, the word relationship causes him to break out in hives so I think we're ok there.

He just stares at me for a long moment, "Why are you so weird?"

"I'm not weird, your pea sized brain just can't comprehend my level of intelligence." I joke, shoving him.

We head to get food and he clears his throat, "So, if I were to say that I'd be down to slide into Ella DM's, how would that go?"

"Well, I wouldn't do anything besides think you're a shitty human being but I'm sure Scar would kick your ass into a different dimension." I inform him, knowing he didn't add Stella because of James.

At least he has some morals.

"So I'm gonna take that as a fat no." He says, clapping his hands together.

"Good call."

We wait in line before sitting down at a table in the corner, my stomach growling with anticipation when my phone dings. Grinning, I pick it up. Scar's class should be getting out right now.

The message waiting for me whipes the grin off in seconds.

How bad does she hate me?

Oh, God. This has to be a delusion.

"Why do you look like Scar just broke up with you?" Christian jokes.

This is real, I don't dream of Christian.

I open my mouth but it's difficult to find words I'm that confused. "Ella just texted me."

"Plot twist, she wants to get with you." He says and I shake my head.

Not very likely. More like some small part of her is able to acknowledge she's a shitty person. It's hard to face the fact you just hurt two people who were always there for you.

Locking my phone, I set it down. Now isn't the time to acknowledge her.


Sitting through environmental science, I begin to lose focus. There's only so much lecturing I can handle in one day, I hit my limit five minutes into my first class.

A finger pokes me in the side, startling me out of fantasy land. After picking up the water bottle I knocked over, I turn to find the girl from the pizza place the other night smiling at me.

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