Chapter Ten

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"You look like someone I know, it's crazy. You could be his brother, maybe his kid!" I giggled. He looked like Zion so much and I wasn't sure if it was a good thing or not. Elom chuckled lightly, extending his arms for a hug. I gave him a quick hug as I said, "Bye."

I walked back to my car, getting in and driving back to my house. As I walked into the house, I wanted to vomit on the spot.
"Sky, out of all places, why in the living room?" I asked, using my hand as a shield to prevent me from seeing my sister give head to her boyfriend. As I walked to the kitchen, Sky got a grip on my arm.

"If you don't get your nasty ass hands off of me, I'm gonna-"
"Dani, wait! Dad called me earlier, he said Zion needs someone, someone to be there for him right now. I know they said that you have to relax, but Zion needs you. You have to go, Dani."

It took me less than a second to bolt up to my room and change into decent clothing. By decent, I mean a hoodie and a pair of sweatpants.

I drove over to the precinct, rushing to Zion's cell, but he wasn't there. I went back upstairs to my dad's office, desperate to find Zion.
"Dad, where's Zion?" I asked. I definitely startled him because he quickly spun around in his chair, looking at me tiredly.

"What are you doing here sweetie? You should be resting." He said calmly.
"Dad, I need to see Zion." Tears brimming my eyes as I waited for my dad to answer.
"He's in the counseling center, first room to your left." With that, I took off to the counseling center, desperate to find Zion. I bursted into the room, not caring who was in there.

Zion sat in the chair, resting his elbows on the table and crying into his hands. My heart was torn bout of my chest when I saw him like this.

"Zion, what's wrong?" I asked, softly running my fingertips up his back onto his shoulders. He sat back in the chair once I started massaging his shoulders.
"This whole death sentence thing is finally getting to me." He said. I then felt furious.

"Zion, why are you still worrying about it? I said that I'd handle it!" I said, standing in front of him.
"Danielle, I'm not calling off the death sentence!" He shouted, making a tear slip from my eye. I wiped it away quickly.

"Danielle, I'm sorry. I'm not calling off the death sentence. I want the boys to be released, I'm the one that committed this crime, I'm gonna face the consequences, I'm not gonna make other people face consequences that were meant for me." He said, breathing heavily with his lips split.

"Zion, don't you want to be with me?" I asked, slowly beginning to cry again.
"Of course I do, Danielle."
"Then why won't you call it off?" I asked, sniffling lightly.
"I'm not gonna let anyone punish because of my actions, especially my brothers. I'm not selfish." It hit me at that exact moment.

I was being so selfish. I wanted the sentence to be called off so I can have Zion to myself, but what about the boys? Of course I'll miss Zion but everything he was saying made sense to me.
"Zion, we need to make the most of our time together then." I said, wiping my tears away with the sleeve of my hoodie.

He looked up at me smiling lightly.
"I'm glad that you understand," He said, getting up to hug me. "I need one thing to get out of the way, though."
"What is it?"

"I never officially made you my girlfriend, so Danielle, would you accept the honor of being my girlfriend?" He asked, holding me close to his body.

My hands rested on both of his biceps as I smiled and stared into his eyes.
"Zion, yes. I'll be your girlfriend." I said, kissing him softly.

A soft kiss turned into a heated make out session. He slowly got up, wrapping his arms around my waist as he carried me to the door. He turned the lock, making a clicking sound showing that it was now closed. My eyes scanned the room for any cameras, luckily there weren't any.

Zion brought me over to the table again, sitting me down before slipping his red hoodie off, leaving him in his orange jumpsuit. I bit my lip as I watched him unzip suit, slowly peeling the fabric away from the top half of his body. My finger tip grazed across his defined shoulder blades, down to his toned abs. I left soft kisses along his abs, looking at him through my lashes. The door knob rattling intensely brought us apart. Zion quickly zipped his jumpsuit before heading to the door.

I took my phone out, staring at the black screen as the officer observed the room.
"This door needs to be open." He said before giving the two of us a glare. Zion and I broke into a fit of laughter, calming down a few seconds later.
"Look, I'm sorry for yelling at you." He said, playing with my fingers.

"It's fine, Zion," I said smiling lightly. "I just- w-what am I gonna do after, you know, that thing happens? Who am I gonna be with?"
"You'll be with the boys, Dani. Edwin needs you, more than you think he does." Zion said, wrapping his slender arms around my waist. I let out a quiet sigh. I hugged him tightly, balling the cloth of his jumpsuit in my fists.

"I love you." I heard him whisper. My heart skipped a beat. He said it. Caleb Zion Kuwonu said I love you!
"I love you more." I said, resting the side of my face against his chest.

* * *

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