Ch 10

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"Are you in love with him?" Alfies voice was cold and distant when I walked into my flat

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"Are you in love with him?" Alfies voice was cold and distant when I walked into my flat. I didn't have the energy for this. Seeing him today took everything out of me. I had been so much happier pretending he was just a bad dream. It would have been a blessing to be a war widow compared to this. Compared to being married to the most notorious gangster in Camden. "I fucking asked you a question and as my wife I accpect you to fucking answer!" Alfie slammed his fist down on the coffee table causing the wobbly legs to look as if they would just give out.

"If I did would you care because you love me or would you care because you don't like the idea of losing me to Thomas Shelby?" I sneered plucking the cigarette from between his fingers. "How many times have I told you not to smoke inside the house? How many times?" He grabbed the cigarette back from me and pressed it to my arm. I tried not to flinch knowing something worse would happen if I pulled away from this. "Answer my question Alfred. Have I really just become property to you?"

"You're my wife," his voice cracked as he ran his hand over his beard carefully brushing through the tangled hairs. "You're MY wife!" He growled reaching so he could fit his large hand around my neck. "He's going to die no matter what you do. Because no one takes you to bed but me. Do you understand?" He through me to the ground storming towards the door. "You would be living in the muddy streets if it weren't for me Zelda dont fucking forget that!" I stayed sitting on the floor gasping for breath even after the door slammed shut. My husband was a monster. The boogeyman in my closet and I needed to escape. It was his own fault he sent me here I wouldn't have realized it otherwise. I wouldn't have realized what it was actually like to be loved if he let me stay in Camden.

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