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"YOUR WHAT?!" Deceit could hear Roman laughing as he yanked his arm free from Remus nearly losing his balance in the process. "Remus, baby, we haven't even come out as dating... a-and you're asking me to meet your parents."

"Cassidy, relax. I'm only asking because you're staying here. That's all." 

"Sure it is." Roman wrapped his arm around his brother startling the both of them as he laughed. Roman just smiled over at the snake who was shaking a tad bit to much. "It'll be fine. Dinners usually calm and..."

"The King and Queen of Auradon!" Deceit flinched from his own voice as he shook his head. "I'm just this nobody from the isle... the isle, Remus. On top of all that my father isn't exactly high up there. He's just this stupid minion... that literally started out as a good guy. He's not exactly known."

"Deceit, chill." Roman smiled as he crossed his arms moving away to give his brother some space. "It's just dinner... which in our house is more a... well it isn't proper." Remus laughed as little asDeceit just shook his head.

"You're missing the point.  I don't think I..."

"Caz, please." Deceit froze up seeing the desperation in his love's eyes. He glanced over at Roman only to sigh at how both brothers seemed to egging him on in some way. Whether it be through need or excitement.

"Let me guess..." Deceit narrowed his eyes as he pointed over at Roman, who's eyes went wide. "...you're using this as a practice run for when you introduce Virgil."

"Oh, I have a plan for that." Roman's eyes sparkled with something Dee couldn't recognize. He could only smile as Roman dazed off with a fond expression. "When I do though... It's gonna be when Virgil finally sees how much I love him."

"Just be sure to remember all that when the spell breaks." Roman's expression fell as Deceit narrowed his eyes. "Yeah, I know. We all do." Roman frowned as he looked away. "So... Dinner with the parents... that's..." Deceit sighed as he took Remus's hand again. "Let's just get this over with."

"You coming?" Remus turned to Roman who was just staring at the floor in thought. "Roman?"

"Yeah... I'm coming." The three slowly made their way to the dining room and already Deceit wanted to turn back. His nerves slid up his spine like the very snake he was and he struggled just to keep up with the others. He had never really seen the dining room before. Remus was adamant that he not strain himself to much this couple of days. So he pretty much had what he assumed to be the 'royal treatment'. Food in bed, Remus pretty much-doing everything, the works... Now he was being led to this room and his stomach just dropped. Outside the room, stood two people Deceit has seen in pictures and in passing glances. Often times they were so busy nobody really saw much of them themselves. Even still it was very clear that these two where who Deceit first thought.

A man with red hair and bright blue eyes hugged tight to the wall. His blue and gold suit held tight to his curves. The woman laughed a little as the man sighed blowing some hair out of his face. Her brown hair was tied into a braided bun with only a bit lose to fall over her beautiful brown eyes. Her yellow dress seemed to shimmer in the light. It was no wonder both princes were so good looking, when both parents were stunning themselves. Deceit felt out of place... in more ways than one.

"Mother... Father?" The king and queen both glanced over in their direction making Deceit instantly want to hide. It wasn't doing anything to his nerves, and already he could feel the room start to spin. "Is everything well?" Remus frowned as Deceit slowly slid behind him. "You're usually not waiting for us at the door."

"Ah, well... Your mother insisted on greeting  the man that is to be our guest." Deceit tensed as the king's eyes met his. "Remus... are you going to introduce us?"

"Yes! Of course." Remus shifted to the side leaving Deceit completely out in the open and for the first time ever the usually confident serpent felt totally exposed with anxiety. "Mom... Dad... This is Cassidy." Deceit slowly took his hat off letting his hair fall in front of his eyes, not that it hid all his scales. The queen smiled brightly as the king narrowed his eyes. Deceit smiled slightly as he bowed his head a tad. His nerves were killing him. 

"It's a pleasure to meet you." The King shot Remus this look as Deceit shook under the tension. "I've very grateful for all your son has done for me." Deceit clutched Remus's hand desperately as his heart raced.

"Might I ask..." Deceit tensed knowingly as the King shifted until he was standing straight. "Who your parent is?"

"Father!" Roman shifted awkwardly as Deceit sighed before smiling just to hide the anxiety.

"My Father is Kaa." The king's eyes went wide as Belle's smile faltered a tad. "My apologies if it causes some discomfort or awkwardness." Deceit frowned as he put his hat back on. "I can understand if you were not expecting someone from the isle."

"It matters not, young man." Belle beamed as she took both of Cassidy's, ignoring the shock that filled his eyes. "You are a guest here in our castle. It does not matter where you came from."

"Well, I  am starving." The twins burst out laughing as the king's stomach started growling. "Can we start with dinner now?"

"Go on, Dear." Belle rolled her eyes fondly as all three of her boys ran into the room, save for Remus who stopped at the door to look back. "Go on, Remus. We'll be in in a moment." That, of course, made Deceit's blood go cold. Remus took one last look at Deceit before nodding and letting the door close behind him. "So, Cassidy?"

"If you don't mind, I uh..." Deceit sighed as he shook his head. "I go by Deceit. I really only let Remus call me that."

"I see. Alright then. Deceit, if you don't mind humoring a protective mother. What exactly are your motives for being with my son?" Deceit's eyes fell as his skin began to crawl. "I know my son and he has never brought anyone home let alone ask to stay here while you heal. That mean's he must care deeply for you... My concerns are your intentions."

"If you're referring to the fact that I'm a VK... I don't have any." Belle's eyes narrowed as Deceit stared at the door with a blank expression. "I won't lie... correction, I will attempt not to lie, as I don't have much control over that... I care about your son." Deceit met her eyes with a confident gaze he didn't exactly feel at that moment. "I am meant to be at his side... even if he... doesn't entirely know to what degree."

"What do you mean?" Belle frowned seeing Deceit shudder a tad before sighing.

"In it's simplest form... I will remain at Remus's side in whatever compacity he intends for me. Whether it be as partners, friends, or employee..." Deceit's eyes darkened as he hugged himself. "As long as he wants me to that is."

"Any particular reason?" Deceit brushed his hair back letting his scales show in full force. Belle's eyes flashed as Dee laughed sadly. 

"It's my job. A job I am very greatful to have been allowed."

"Does he know?" Dee shook his head as he looked away.

"I want to help him... I chose this after all, but... I care to much about him to hurt any chances he might have at his dream." Belle smiled as Deceit shook. "I want him to be happy. I want him to wake up in the morning knowing he's capable of achieving whatever he puts his mind to. I don't want to hold him back."

"So you don't want the throne?"

"Oh, god no..." Deceit froze up realizing that just came out and Belle just started laughing. "I mean, I uh... it's just... It seems like a lot of work and... I uh..."

"Don't worry, no offense was taken. In fact, I am particularly happy at such a reaction." Deceit narrowed his eyes in confusion as she smiled. "My husband and I were worried you had tried to take advantage of our son. You see he might seem more 'put together' than his brother but he is far more fragile."

"I don't intend to hurt him." Belle smiled as she took his hands again.

"I believe you." Belle laughed as she gestured towards the door. "Now, we might as well get this over with."

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