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Lana didn't know how long she was staring at nothing.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she thought she saw the hazy outline of Zach. Trying to calm herself down, she slowly rolled onto her sides and her vision focused. She was back to her cage and next to hers was Zach where Keisha was thrown into before.

Keisha...Lana killed her. She was a killer. She had killed before, taken many innocent's souls but the regret was never there. And now after that accident...she didn't know anymore. Closing her eyes and trying to clear her thoughts she sighed. Every time she tried, she saw the image of Keisha's lifeless body lying in her lap. No tears streamed down her face. She felt nothing but a dark, deep void of pain.

Her heart ached as she finally got a good look at Zach. His whole body had sagged with exhaustion and he had dark circles under his eyes. His bound hands were painted by red, the skin underneath rubbed raw from the ropes. He looked unconscious when she was looking at him but as if knowing someone was staring, his eyes opened. He gave her a barely-there smile which she returned.

"How are you feeling?" He whispered. It held sadness and it was a strange thing to be heard from him. For two years, she heard only taunting from him so it was difficult for her to see him like the guy he was before he died. 

More like it pained her to.

"Just breathing," Lana whispered back, looking at the room ignoring his burning eyes. It was the same room they were in when they first came here and now even Danny was nowhere to be found. She didn't know what happened to him. When Sage knew that she didn't have any strength left, he snatched Keisha's body from Lana only to hand the body to one of his people. She tried to stop him but whatever he chanted it made knocked her out in a second. The next she opened her eyes, she was already here beside Zach.

"Lana...what are you thinking?"

"Where's Danny?" She asked him but instead of telling her, he looked away shaking his head. It was funny how her heart was still beating inside her chest. The louder they got, the farther fear gripped her like a leech. Was something wrong?

"They took him. I don't know where but I tried to fight. I swear! I wanted a way to end all of this but that bastard..." He trailed off rubbing the pale line in his wrist. "Sage saw the trinket on my wrist and put two and two together. So he gathered that taking my lost souls would be the best way to punish me. Now, my bindings, all I ever had is gone. Just like that." 

His words slowly made sense and her heart clenched at that. Danny was gone and Zach didn't have any soul in him...

"Is that hurts you? Without them binding to you?"

"Hurts?" He laughed clutching his stomach. "What hurts more is that if I ever get to get out of this alive then I'll be put in a trial. You know, by the King of Hell? And trust me, that guy is way worse than a thousand Sages combined."

So without the trinket, he was practically fired from his job.

"Where are they?" The numbness was creeping into her bones. She could feel the pain, the hurt, uncertainty leaving her body with it.

"The moment he took the trinket, it became his. I can't believe my own bindings are his now. He had no right to do that. I would be happily dead if he rather killed me." His harsh words made her realize something. The numbness might give her some sort of false security but she won't be able to hold onto that. Whenever she would look at the people broken because of her, she would feel something.

Maybe pain, maybe guilt.

But she would feel. There wasn't any escape from it.

When she didn't answer, he took his bound hands to grab hers and she let him. He looked at her eyes like the night of Samara's death. Even then she was losing herself over the guilt. Was he trying to get her back from those endless dark thoughts?

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