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Awsten and Jawn get the house cleared out before the demolition crew arrives.  Awsten signs off the paperwork authorizing the demolition of the house.

They leave before the job even gets started.  Jawn invites Awsten and the twins over for dinner later and Awsten tells him they'll be there as long as his parents didn't make any plans already and thanks him for all his help.  Jawn assures him it was no problem before the two go their separate ways.

Stopped at a red light, Awsten let's out a little sigh as he looks back at the two boxes of Ben's stuff and the family photo album.  Rather annoyed with himself for it, Awsten pulls over and messages Ben.


direct messages between @benbenben and @awsten


you ever go back to houston or
are you still back in la?

what's it matter to you? gonna
invite me over to watch you
destroy my house?

don't be a dick i'm trying to be
nice but i could just throw away
the shit i found which would be a
lot easier for me. are you in
houston or not?

yeah i'm here. i'll meet you

*insert address of some cafe here


Awsten waits impatiently for Ben to arrive, trying to keep himself distracted.  Awsten is relieved when Ben finally does get here, wanting nothing more than for all this to be over.

"Here it is," Awsten mumbles, pulling the two boxes and photo album out of the back seat, having to move the boxes at a weird angle to get them out.

"Shit," Ben mumbles, eyeing the boxes briefly before going for the photo album.  He frowns a bit as he opens it before looking back to Awsten.  "Thank you...I, uh...I know you didn't have to do that.  I appreciate it."

"Yeah, whatever," Awsten replies, bitterness obvious in his voice, "glad I wasn't too busy standing trial for murder to find this shit for you."

"I fucked up, okay?  I'm sorry.  It's just...she promised me that house.  She said if I went along with her crazy ass shit, I'd get the house," Ben tries to reason, only to be met with an eye roll from Awsten.

"Oh, what, so I'm just supposed to be okay with you trying to get me sent to prison and apparently being a fuckin' accomplice to all the shit she put me through?" Awsten scoffs, glaring at Ben.  "I don't give a shit if she'd have promised you a fucking million dollars.  No decent person would support what she did, and then try to go after the person she did it to just to try to gain something from it.  Don't make excuses.  I don't give a shit about your excuses or your apologies.  Whatever you did to go along with her crazy ass shit helped make my life hell.  Whether it was during the three years I was with her or when she took me from my children, all you did by going along with her was make things more difficult for me.  Don't expect me to feel bad for you because she fucking lied to you about a house.  She lied to you, so what?  She fucking beat me to the point I ended up in the hospital more than once and I never once even considered helping or letting her hurt someone else.  I don't want your goddamn excuses."

"I'm sorry.  Okay?  I don't know what else to say here," Ben seems to grow a little frustrated.

"Maybe something along the lines of 'wow thanks for giving me my stuff even though I'm a total piece of shit who helped my crazy cousin fuck you up and then threatened to try to get you convicted of murder if you didn't give me what I want, I'll leave you alone forever now' would work a little better for you," Awsten shoots back, glaring at Ben.  "Enjoy having that.  And stay the fuck away from me and my family."


The rest of the week seems to speed by, and Awsten is glad he gets to spend most of it with his family. He has to be out a little, just making sure the demolition and clean up got finished and then getting the now empty land up for sale. He doesn't get the price put at the actual appraised value of the land, knocking it down to as cheap as the real estate company selling the land for him will allow him to, which is a little less than a fourth of the land's value. The low price gets it sold quickly, just as Awsten has hoped, and the money made for it goes right into the account Emily left Awsten.

Once Awsten and the twins head home, the only thing left to do is figure out what to do with the money. He won't keep it or use it for anything for himself. He wants it gone.

He spends some time looking into different charities and nonprofit organizations, setting aside amounts for a couple different ones as he thinks about just how much money there actually is in that account. Doesn't hurt to let it go to a few different good causes, right?  It doesn't all have to be for one thing.  He searches a bit until he stumbles across a familiar organization.

The memory hits in an odd way as he thinks back on how conflicted he was when the organization first reached out to him. He didn't know whether or not it was the right choice. He even doubted if he had done the right thing in the aftermath of it all. He wasn't confident in his choice until he found out he actually did help someone. Finding out he helped even one person made it worth it, without a doubt.

There's a section for donations on the organization's website, either anonymous or by name. Awsten goes with anonymous, as he plans to with all the donations. He sits for a moment, debating with himself about how to split it all up. He could find a couple more and split it evenly, or split it evenly between the three he has right now. Mostly, he's tempted to give the first two he found each one fourth of it and then give the last half of it, mostly because of the personal connection. He feels a little bad for not doing it evenly but the personal ties make it hard to resist giving extra to one.

He divides it out like that, giving two each a fourth and the final one half.

It feels like a weight lifted off his shoulders when the final transfer goes through and he breathes out a little sigh of relief.

Not everything is okay, and he doubts it will be for a long while, but he's got one problem solved and that feels like enough to be proud of himself over for now.


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